samedi 28 décembre 2013

LAMBS - Blister

I really feel like going in the desert right now, with that kind of music in the background of my head. Great sound between old-school psychedelic vibes and classical rock music.


mercredi 25 décembre 2013

Mr Bill & Friends - The Collaborative Endeavors

Merry Christmas ! Joy in the house and cheese on the grill to all of you. And to go with the tofurkey here is a little treat, a 26-tracks free-priced release from Mr. Bill packed with glitchy electronic sounds he made with about thirty electronic music producers from around the world (of music). Each track was released one by one for free on Soundcloud and this is a collection of these tracks, full of glitch goodness and gnomish science.

Open your ears, let it pour in.

samedi 21 décembre 2013

OuD!n13 - Lost in This World

Chilly minimal tech ambient you name it. Lost between two cyclopean planets staring at you from the depths of the universe.

Feel like a small moon.

Download on Ektoplazm.

mercredi 18 décembre 2013

ProleteR - Feeding The Lions

Thanks to Kornzor for this one. It seems Dusted Wax Kingdom never ceases to amaze me with the music they share freely. This one is full of groovy swing and positive energy, a blend of old and new things. If the album becomes non-free on Bandcamp, use this link.

samedi 14 décembre 2013

Romo & Sincjack - Chase the Universe

Chill,  there is no other word for it. If you want to have a good moment looking at the stars or the city lights, then go for it with this nerve-soothing EP from US producers Romo and Sincjack. I used the second track in my first mix, but honestly, I don't quite remember where I found it. Probably on the Dusted Wax Kingdom's Facebook Page. Your favourite netlabel for a reason :)

mercredi 11 décembre 2013

The Baron

 I've discovered The Baron yesterday while looking for some good free hard rock. This one is not always rock hard but still manages to create a vibrant atmosphere with guitar solos, vocals that are not impossible to hear for once. I'm giving the three EP's from their website at once. Usually I do not do that, but since they are very short, I thought it was a way of sharing all of them efficiently.

I'm beginning to think that it may not be as hard as I thought to find good rock'n'roll in the free world. But compared to free electronic music, it is quite rare.

There you have it. Rock'n'roll, blues-rock, hard rock, progressive rock, a condensed of all this in these three, and they are completely free, you don't even have to ask yourself how much you'll give.

I'm going to search for more non-electronic free music, but I'm not promising anything because you never know...

dimanche 8 décembre 2013

Birthday Special : Boogie Belgique - Blueberry Hill

Happy Birthday me ! I'm giving myself a little present by downloading this excellent album from Boogie Belgique, chill electronic swing just like in your dreams last night, remember ?

I'm writing this in advance so I hope there is snow today. Cheers to all the people supporting and/or following the blog. And thank you.

Keep sharing :)

mercredi 4 décembre 2013

Underground Alien Factory Records - Goa Overdose 3

Just some very good old-school goa trance for nostalgic proto-hippies, probably the best "Goa Overdose" compilation for the moment. I asked myself for a long time what was the difference between Goa and Psytrance, and this is the answer I've found : Psytrance goes "tagada" while Goa goes "tweebeeyoyowdeweebee". Prepare your brain for some sonic acid.

Get the free compilation on Ektoplazm

mercredi 27 novembre 2013

Workforce - Apples and Sunshine

You find a lot of interesting things when googling "bandcamp name your price" a lot of free priced releases of course. Just on the first page I already found two new great releases, this one amongst them. Old-school hip-hop, nice lyrics and flow, and cool grooves. Just the kind of hip-hop I like, and of course free, and still completely unknown. Remember, if you like it, then share with your friends and family, because this is what it's all about !

samedi 23 novembre 2013

Auditive Escape - Profound

I have been listening to this album all day long and I'm still not tired of it. It is strange, because I didn't know at all about Auditive Escape's existence until yesterday when I found one of his albums on my hard drive. I have no memory of buying it or downloading it, but when I checked on Bandcamp, I saw that all his releases were free-priced, and I knew there was something there. And there is, just press play and you'll know what I mean. Maybe it is destiny, or someone hacked my computer and made me download some incredibly beautiful music against my will ! If you know or are this person, I thank you, because it seems discoveries never end.

mercredi 20 novembre 2013

V.A. - Labyrinth of Your Mind II

It has been a while since there was only weird and sublime chill music (which I love of course) shared on the blog. But there was a little lack of pulsatron rhythm (let's put it like this). I was just telling me this when I stumbled on this release on Ektoplazm's Facebook page. Various artists from Mystical Waves Records putting it together to create sweet Psytrancey waves of pure positive energy.
This one is quite a treat for the ears.
Get it on Ektoplazm.

samedi 16 novembre 2013

Vegetarian Meat - Factory Refurbished

I'm warning you, this is probably not the kind of music you'd want to hear on a (maybe) sunny saturday afternoon. Positioned between dark ambient and onirique chill music, this album reminds of days looking through a window, gaping portal to a world of nothingness, of the past and the possible future. Beautiful, yet sometimes darker or even a little gloomy. But I want to share it with you because I find it interesting and full of beauty somehow. This is not to dance, or to chill, this is just to look at the streets and ponder, to look at the leaves falling on the ground and think about the time passing.

Do not listen if you are somewhat depressed, it won't get any better afterwards. Or maybe it will, let's stay positive shall we ?

jeudi 14 novembre 2013

Hedflux - Wanderlust EP

Sometimes I try and write a review of the music I share, and sometimes I may be doing good. But this time we'll just let the artist talk, because he's doing good in summarising his own material : Hedflux "started this project in 2006 with a mission to combine the rhythm and bass of nu-skool breaks with the hi-tech sonics of psy-trance. After much tinkering and perseverence, a distinctive new style began to emerge; a style which [he] thinks is best described as Psychedelic-Tech-Funk".

Well friends, how is this ? Do you not want to discover what is hidden behind this strange genre ? It is really the best description possible although it is a little slower than the usual Psytech rhythm, but there is also something strangely glitchy at work around here... I discovered this EP on Bluetech's Facebook page.

samedi 9 novembre 2013

Baychimo - Passage

Excessively beautiful music is always at one or two clicks' range. Proof be this collection of great tracks from Baychimo, that I just discovered yesterday. I hope you enjoy this, I have nothing more to say, if you want something really good, just name your price. I think one of these days I'll start a Kickstarter project, to help me buy this free-priced music at a really incentive price. But first I need a wider social reach, I'll keep you up to date folks.

mercredi 6 novembre 2013

Beam&Deem - Eight Sided

Hello music lovers, you know what ? I have music for you, dreamy music, beautiful sounds, complex landscapes crafted with slow beats and nostalgic atmospheres.
This is an old discovery, back in the days when I was listening to free music all day long almost in industrial fashion to discover new albums. This was very frustrating at the time because I discovered also a lot of very low-quality music, but one day I came across Eight Sided and knew it was something special. I don't know if the artist is still making music because there is nothing new on his Bandcamp page since june 2011, but this one is worth every single second of listening. I hope some seemingly abandoned projects like this one will breathe again soon.

mercredi 30 octobre 2013

Globular - Magnitudes of Order

I've discovered Globular with his EP "Colours of the Brainbow" on Ektoplazm, and the track "Seeker" on the "Dub Mates Meeting" compilation, on which it is the most remarkable track by the way, but his music has so much evolved since then, it has become deeper, richer and more complex, I'd say here's Psydub at its peak, and for free.

Isn't life beautiful ?

mercredi 23 octobre 2013

TELEPHOBIA - You Must Feel Strange

Immediate discovery, immediate sharing, TELEPHOBIA's sound is between a sound shrouded in dreams not yet forgotten and something I would not try to define, lest I should be struck by a fractal strike of lightning which sound would echo through ages and dimensions, and as my body would lay transforming into prima materia listening to this incredible music, celestial fishes would come to carry my soul to the netherworld.

Take your time.

samedi 19 octobre 2013

Gummy Soul Records

I talked a bit already about Gummy Soul Records, with albums such as Fela Soul or Sportin' Waves, both of which you would greatly enjoy if you like old-school hip-hop. In fact, Gummy Soul tries to Reinvent the Old-School by taking old classics and giving them a new life through alchemic rituals I won't say I'm familiar with, but certainly would like to. And as I was strolling through their catalog, something struck me as particularly odd, all these records are for free ? Yes they are, I've checked them all and asked the label if it was to stay that way (no answer so far but don't worry, if one of them turns out to the dark side, I'll be sure to delete it). I've listened to a little bit of everything they got, and wanted to share all of it, but I did not want the Hip-Hop tag to be filled with only Gummy Soul releases si I thought why not add one in the Netlabel tag, we all love free netlabels after all. They provide us with good music to ease the pain of drinking coffee in the morning, and we give little something somethings, what we can, to keep them able to keep it coming. So when you see a Gummy Soul release out there making some music for ya, give them a pat on the back, or even better, a donation (I know this word tends to scare people away, but you are not forced to give anything, it is just a way to show your appreciation of these artists' tremendous work).

It's raining free music. It really is.

mercredi 16 octobre 2013

Wally Clark - Sportin' Waves

With rap music, you really never know what you are going to find, especially with free rap music. Sometimes the music is really good but the voice is horrible, sometimes it's the opposite, but there are clear moments of truth and lifelight, when you find yourself in an empty room, listening to a supernaturally good record. Sportin' Waves is one of these, out on the Gummysoul label, keeping up with their series of good artists and albums as ever. I haven't really made contact with them already, but I will, to know if what they have in store will stay free for you and us and them.
Good beats and good flow, nice lyrics, groovy record I'm telling you.

mercredi 9 octobre 2013

Kalpataru Tree - Scattered Fragments of The Eternal Dream

It is strangely easier to write an article in English first, then translate into French.

If you like to travel around the world, maybe you'd like to see it from very far away, to go to outer space and greet people on other planets and still unknown dark and marvelous places. Thanks to Kalpataru Tree, this is now possible, the only thing you need to do is press play and open your ears wide. Of course you will need your personal spaceship, but it can be anything you want around you. So everyone will be able to enjoy a trip around Jupiter. Hope you like it, I'm still listening to it right now, almost impossible not to notice as a major artist on the Psybient scene, that's what I think.


Good morning to all the people following the blog. Things are speeding up these times around. Not only is my stock of free music increasing each day to the point where I don't know if I will have enough space and am thinking of starting a kickstarter project to buy another 2Tb hard drive for all of it, and also to buy the free-priced releases at a higher price (so La Mojoteque could become a real tool for promoting underground artists), but also because more and more people are following what happens here, more than 4000 visits on the blog and 92 followers on the Facebook page, this is really amazing. I've also met a lot of very enthusiastic people whom gave me a lot of advice and the names of pretty neat artists I did not know about before like Pretty Lights, Dirtwire or other compilations full of incredible sounds. I went to the S.U.N Festival, talked a lot about my project with dozens of great persons and had very positive feedback, gave some visit cards that had (I think their small effect) However I am still working on it with a friend to render them easier to understand and clearer to everybody.

This website is about sharing, so if you like it, if you're keen about sharing or if you found something on La Mojoteque that either changed your way of considering music or added a little something to your musical library, then feel free to share it to the people you know that are curious about music. Because if this is about sharing, it is also about being curious. There were positive encounters, but also people that were so closed inside that they did not even want to consider the idea of free music. For them, if it is free, then it's not worth listening to. I'd say it's quite the opposite, don't you think ?

samedi 5 octobre 2013

Kinack - Ondas

I had discovered Kinack a long time ago, when I still had the need to browse Bandcamp tags to find the free music, before it came to me by itself, so it was high time I shared his album Ondas, that is a free-priced album of 14 tracks of pure downtempo chill delight. Among his influences, Kinack mentions Bonobo and Emancipator, and while these influences are evident through the album, they only give more richness and feeling to a music that is already full of thought and power.

Beautiful chill music for urgent delivery, please sign here.

mercredi 2 octobre 2013

Crazy Fingers (Somatoast) - Liberation Through Hearing

Thanks to himself, I have discovered one of Somatoast's earlier works, when his pseudonym was Crazy Fingers. This EP is influenced by the tibetan book of the dead, the Bardo Thodol, and each track corresponds to a particular passage of this book.
This music is a trippy blend of glitch dub and waves of psychedelic chilling energy.
Let us say that four tracks is enough to get on the blog, any release with a lower number of tracks will get shared on the Facebook page, to which I encourage you to subscribe, if you want  to get access to a wider range of free music styles, as well as an easier way to share and comment.

Love from the stars

samedi 28 septembre 2013

Erothyme - Empathic Circuitry

I was already used to Erothyme's creativity and capacity to make machines talk in such a way that human cells cannot stay indifferent to their tales, but this time he decided to band with some talented friends to change from his usual glitchy energised rhythm. As he says himself : "These are love songs; they are messy and beautiful. As such, they are not so different from you and I" So, this time we do not find ourselves piloting a rebel spaceship searching for the fleeting heart of the universe, pouring through each and every pore of the dark matter, but in a cosmic cradle engraved with vegetal interlaced forms. Yesterday I put this album and lied down on the couch (what does that mean ?) to dream a bit. The effect, I can assure you, was immediate, and I knew I had to share this amazing set of songs to all of you. Blending electro, funk, glitch and chill, Empathic Circuitry is one of the greatest albums I ever had to listen to. I encourage every person with a beating heart and working pairs of lungs and ears to listen to it and to give a little something to the artist to show their appreciation of the free culture and of its gifts to ours.

samedi 21 septembre 2013

My mixes

I always wanted to enter the world of music in any way, but I did not know where to begin. I had met this guy in Berlin who said to me "DJing is easy, you just need to listen to lots and lots of music, then the rest will appear clearly before you", That's what I would also say to any would-be DJ, it is quite easy when you begin to possess a large stock of music to mix together. I create mixes with the free music that anyone can find on this blog to have another means of sharing it. I hope it works well, there are two mixes already : Arctique that would fit in the Chill Onirique Sections perfectly, and Laboratoire Intraplanaire that is mostly psybient, psytech and deep-trance. I use french names because everybody in the world is using english ones. hope you enjoy what you hear, and of course each time there is a tracklist and all the links you need to get the free tunes I used.

Here is the Link to my Mixcloud

mercredi 18 septembre 2013

The Bear and The Sea - Trees Like You

Back in the saddle after a month of being at the hospital due to my stupidity alone, and just in time, as Dirtwire was the very last album I had scheduled before the accident. So, let us proceed :
To anyone out there, young and old, who likes dreamy ambient music, strange atmospheres and emotions woven into sound, listen to this album and you won't be disappointed. This debut album is crawling with beautiful experimentations, which feel like setting foot on the north pole and realising it is covered with giant polyhedrons.

mercredi 11 septembre 2013

Dirtwire - Dirtwire

Another great discovery by Raphzor, this is a perfect blend of folk instrumentation and electronic meddling. Every track shifts in atmosphere and rhythm, but you will always find these raw violin and guitar sounds, giving an authentic feeling to the whole. "The result is a rebirth of Americana and beacon for a post-millennial return to downhome goodness", as they would say themselves.

The list is becoming long. I am wondering at how I could get it easier for everyone to find his/her way through all this music. If anything, remember this, when you see a deer on the cover of a release, it is usually good music, no matter the genre.

Chiirz music lovers, see you soon.

mercredi 4 septembre 2013

Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 2

I was planning on progressively creating a 8-bit music playlist, and make it available once it had about twenty tracks to listen to. But it seems I could just put all the songs from this compilation on my playlist, because it is really, yes, it really is one of the most incredible Chiptunes compilation I have ever given to my ears.

There is a little bit of everything you might like in 8-bit, bouncy rhythm, epic final boss could-be soundtracks, songs done entirely with samples from Megaman X.

I must thank Kubbi for sharing it. This really embodies the spirit of Chiptunes, fun, power, and musical maestria.

Still listening to it, my bedroom's walls are beginning to crack open. What to do my friend ? Turn the volume up !

mercredi 28 août 2013

Skytree & Friends - Treemixes V1

Every human being knows that dubstep is a word that can go along with difficult nights, screwed ears, violently vibrating bowels. That is because, more and more, people tend to use the word "dubstep" for what is in fact "brostep". This wrong usage makes it difficult to find good real free dubstep on the web.

But here completely by chance I came across this release from Skytree, full of his tracks remixed by great artists such as Pericles, Soulacybin, Erothyme, and a lot more. The large majority of the tracks here are good trippy dubstep, the others are full of chilly dubby vibes that you can rely on for your daily daydreaming.

19 tracks, completely free. All donations are transferred to Nature Conservancy, a non-profit environmental association.

Feel free, wipe your feet and enter.

mercredi 21 août 2013

Tom Woxom - Robot

Tom Woxom had got this particular bleepy feeling with 8bit music. The one I am searching for when I think about this kind of sounds. This album feels like a cave of unstained white surfaces full of robots of all kinds and sizes, bleeping at each other in chiptune harmony.

This is the first excellent release I've found on the Da! Heard It netlabel. I'm sure there are more, go check it out ! Download this album (the player will start automatically).

See you in bleep space fellows.

vendredi 16 août 2013

Boogie Belgique - Nightwalkers Vol. 1

I'm very, very far from being a nationalist in any way, but here is a belgolitos guy who's making really good sounds, a little chill, a little hip-hop, a good pinch of swing, full of positive energy.

This music can serve many purposes : making people dance, ease the troubled mind of speed-dazed hardcore-fans, give back a smile to a mourning home, let La Mojoteque use its "groove" tag again, which had lost all its essence. So much spirit.

Download the whole album for free on Dusted Wax Kingdom, then make a lot of space around you, in your room, your living-room, bathroom or garden and press play. The music will take effect immediately, you'll see !

mercredi 14 août 2013

The Jazz Jousters Podcasts

Mixcloud, another great source of free music. Such a variety of mixes, just like a ... Soundcloud... but for mixes, you know ?

And recently, I just found myself (damn, the S key is beginning to lose its grip on the real world) listening to a good deal of beautiful music. Thanks to Millenium Jazz Music, a label based in London and specialised in mixing hip-hop beats with jazzy sonorities, I discovered a great deal of free music, and the best introduction to it seems to be the podcasts made by the Jazz Jousters Gypsy Eyes and Gadget (maybe there are more, you never know with good music...).

In this particular podcast you will find groovy hip-hop and jazzy beats, a pinch of rap, all from talented underground artists whose names you can find in the description of the mix. Some of them have already released free or free-priced music that will eventually end up in my ears and in yours if you're curious enough.

You can, of course, download it for free, by following the link in the description.

Please find enclosed a great evening, I'm having one right now.

dimanche 11 août 2013

Gravitas Recordings

"Gravitas Recordings is a record label and creative collective with the purpose of giving artists and performers a platform to share their work".

That is how they describe their label themselves. When you browse their catalog a little bit, you just have to believe it. Lots of free-priced releases, (yet) totally unknown artists making amazing music in a great variety of styles. Dubstep is particularly present, just so you know.

Quality music, for free. Yes my friend, it is beautiful. So never forget that if you like one of their records, if one of them radically changed to color of your brainwalls or made you tap your feet without control, feel also free to give a little something to these amazing people via the "pay what you want" downloads.

To get a feeling of what they can offer, listen to Somatoast, Jake Scarbrough, Skytree, The OriGinALz, other big free compilations of electronic music.

May the free spirit pat them all in the back !

vendredi 9 août 2013

Mute Speaker - Smart Bomb

The queue of releases to be shared on La Mojoteque is full until september, but sometimes, you know, you come up across something really incredible that tickles your brain cells in such a way that it is impossible to ignore. And this album by Mute Speaker really puts the question mark up to date.

Strange samples, energetic beats, twisted atmosphere, but always mastery, high musical craftsmanship. This is one of these albums which I can listen to an infinity of times in a row.

mercredi 7 août 2013

Somatoast - Withinity

A small release shared today by Whitebear, another very good glitch music producer. Four tracks of delicious glitchy dubby chill music made to activate some neuronal connections that we're not used to feel.

Turn the volume up.

samedi 3 août 2013

Enig'matik Records' Podcasts

Their catalog may not be 100% free, but there are always good things to be found at Enig'matik Records. I just found out about their podcasts, available for free download.
Glitch Chill at its peak.

mercredi 31 juillet 2013

Eardream Music (VA) - Natural Intelligence

Good morning, I would like some psychedelic techno please. Yes this one seems nice thank you. Hmm ! Tasty ! It feels really like a nice blend of techno whirled and twirled a bit, with a foot on earth and the other in another dimension. And a little bit of tagada in the back, that is so nice thank you very much, that was exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks again ! Bisouzgerg.

mercredi 24 juillet 2013

VA - The Secret Garden Compilation

Don't you love these huge free compilation full of quality brain-melting eyes-twitching damn good vibrations ? I could not live without them. And just when I thought there wouldn't be another one to satisfy my very special needs, here comes DLoaw & Co. and their Secret Garden compilations.

Now, if you want to chill down a little, just a little more, right, this is the right music for you. This is just, you know, really high-quality music, you must not miss it, and even more if I did not.

See you in another space and time folkses.

mercredi 17 juillet 2013

Distant Tremor - V/A Uprising

When you're a various artist, there's no vacation. No one cares, no one sympathizes, you just stay home and play synthesizers. But now it's time to rise !

This release's artwork speaks for itself. First the frogs, chimps and giraffe, benevolent animals of chill music (damn, what am I getting at ?) and just after, the big dinosaurs of psytrance rushing like hell to god knows where.

It is, well, like a jewel of goa progressive and sometimes full-on psytrance encased in a chilly box. It opens with a nice chilly track, Serenity, from Sephira. Then starts to shift towards more trancelike grounds with Organismic's Unexpected Sky, right until it gets down to it with H-Sunrise's Enhanced Reality and the rest of the release's energetic pulsing music, till the last track chills you again with electrohypnotic vibes. Still, I'm putting it only under the Psytrance tag, because that's really the core of the release.

Seems it is the only free-priced release from the Distant Tremor label, but it is of incredible quality, it will make the small hair of the back of your neck rise almost instantly. Tagada tagada.

dimanche 14 juillet 2013

Dusted Wax Kingdom

If you like jazzy chill ambient hip-hop cool trippy jazzyjazz urban chill music, then you will love this. Dusted Wax Kingdom is a Bulgaria based netlabel that "boosts talented artists from all over the world, producing blunted downtempo beats, abstract hip-hop, trip-hop, lo-fi and all kinds of intelligent chilled grooves spiced with jazzy and soulful tasty ingredients". Yes, I know, I just took the description from their website and used it on mine, but there isn't really a better way to describe DWK. Every release they launch is completely free to download. You can also listen to everything in streaming.

Of course you saw that coming, being a completely free website about completely free music, with no advertisement at all, they suggest a small donation. Maybe a release on DWK changed your life forever, maybe you used some of their samples to create a masterpiece that sends your fellow human beings in their inner outer-space... maybe so, maybe so, then you can give a little something to keep the machine running fine and in tune here.

Also get updates about their releases on their Facebook page.

Go my minions, and revel in the sunset half-light of abstract hip-hop. I am going to imbue my twisted brain with its mystical semi-urban spirit.

See you, space cowboys.


The other day I was lost in the woods, without even the crescent of the moon to guide my way, completely shrouded in the warm darkness, listening to this music.


mercredi 10 juillet 2013

Monster Rally & RUMTUM - Coasting EP

I've always been a lover of Chill music. Ever since my ears' first steps in the Electronic music genre, of which existence I had completely no idea. Melodies both enchanting and strange I reminisce, until my most radicalofascist advances in the world of relaxation.

I found in Monster Rally and RUMTUM's EP a sweet praline that we can diffuse into our ears. It is completely painless, but far from being tasteless.

Remember those late nights playing Gran Turismo ? I do. "What are you doing awake at this hour of the night ?!", "Please mom, I'm trying to focus here !"

mercredi 3 juillet 2013

Phone Booth Robbers - Falling Into One

Back to the roots of free music for me, Ektoplazm being the very first website giving access to real free music I ever heard of. I remember, it was a stunning discovery, one night (progressive psytrance in the background) someone told me "Ever heard of Ektoplazm ? blablabla free music etc ultimate genius and so on...", I answered "goodness wonderful mother of the cakes" in an English so clean I could hardly believe it.

It had been a while since I had rummaged through their releases, the albums I share here aren't done so in the order of their discovery. And then (I'm going on with my little story), I read that Phone Booth Robbers is influenced by acts such as Shpongle, Ott, Bluetech, Ozric Tentacles... and I immediately feel like this guy has some strong references.

He delivers a steady dose of psybient, very groovy and swirly, a little pinch of psydub here and there. A spatial atmosphere, something out of this world, made by a human spaceship commander. This music I'm sure will please the ears of every lover of Psybient from the intellectual purists and the self proclaimed specialists to the more sympathetic people that do not pose so much. Good listening then, download the album directly from Ektoplazm (where you can also listen to the entire release before you make your mind, I forgot to mention that). Get yourself lost in cosmic dreams, then find your way back, grab some more, and get lost again. I hope it is possible to use the phrase "get lost" in a agreeable way.

dimanche 30 juin 2013

Da ! Heard It Records

A strange name isn't it ? That's what I thought when Lorenzellinidemagnificiens recommended it to me, and I'm still asking myself what it means. I would like to know but... deep inside I know that then the magic would disappear.

Based in Paris, D!HI is a netlabel that carries on discovering new talents, artists, be them professionals or freelancers, original music (it is sometimes a little hard to get immersed, attention cloth-eared nincompoops), but more than everything else, they take a great step in the free culture. Just like on Ektoplazm, each album can be previewed and downloaded for free in .wav, .mp3 or .ogg.

You'll find a lot of D!HI, mostly 8-bit, weird electro, delirious experimentations, cover artworks that will scrape your eyeballs and tickle your brain substance. I already found some great releases, but, I must admit I have had trouble getting in their universe at first. Each label carries its own particular culture.

Go browse their artists and releases, and don't forget to stay curious !

If your curiosity leads you to fine discoveries, then consider donating to these guys, who after all make a great job making all this free music available to us.

mercredi 26 juin 2013

The Sand Collector - Lord of the Sun

It can be very tough to find free good metal music on the Internet. Yes, it is hard. And every day, volunteers risk their lives and ears (especially their ears) to hunt for it, for the sake of all of us. So let us observe a minute of metal in their honor, one minute, or an entire release maybe, two or three times in a row. Lord of the Sun by The Sand Collector comes from the ancient land of 2011, recommanded by my friend Raph, and brings back dark wizards, the flames of hell and the arid dunes to your sound system.

A very thick sound, heavy, but still capable of whirling around, just like a fat ballerina with an incredible amount of talent. I love fat ballerinas.

mercredi 19 juin 2013

Various Artists - BOXBEATS VOL. 2

This collection of beats from Phonophanatic artists is so amazingly good and groovy that I've been listening to its soul-soothing content all day !

It is simply one of the best hip-hop compilation I've ever heard of, thanks to DJ Mentos, featured on the release, who shared it on his Facebook page. It's easy, every track has good rhythm, good leads, good atmosphere. It puts your mind at ease. Nothing else is important.

And I haven't even listened to the first one yet !

There is always a good reason when I'm carried away, hear for yourself.

mercredi 12 juin 2013


This is a new section added to the blog. Netlabels. Under this tag you will find extensive description of good places to find free music of astounding quality. I know very well that finding good free music on the web may be a time-demanding and sometimes frustrating activity. But finding good netlabels is even more difficult.

Those who have tried to roam the list at know what I am talking about. Sometimes they exist no longer, their releases and artists cast into the void, sometimes they are offline, their website is so badly made that you can never find your way, and sometimes, well, it is just one lone artist starting his or her netlabel, and that stays empty for so long it gets forgotten. And thus I want to emphasise and focus on very good, lively, literally living netlabels, that continue to be constantly updated with new sounds, new artists from all around the world, and more work for us free-music diggers.

I want to start this section with the first netlabel I have ever heard of. It was during a goa trance party in Belgium. Around a fire a man approached me and started to talk about making and listening to music. He finally mentioned Ektoplazm as a place packed with good music that was also completely free. I couldn't believe it so I tried, got to their website, and began downloading everything without even listening to it. I discovered many styles I was not aware of, such as full-on psytrance, psycore, darkpsy, suomi trance, techtrance (or psytech), psydub, and others I will mention later.

This proved the first difficulty you come to with free music : everything is not good, far from it. If you are aware of that then with time and patient ears you will make your way through a lot of music that sounds the same every time, to get to the real rare pearls of genius musical expressions.  There are really good sounds to be found on Ektoplazm. When you think you've got around it, there is more to be found, and this is all thanks to DJ Basilisk and his team of dedicated music lovers, who work hard to get the site up and running.

On Ektoplazm you can browse a lot of music in the following genres : Full-On Darkpsy Progressive Downtempo Goa Twilight Psycore Morning Forest Techno Techtrance Zenonesque Experimental Psy Dub Deep Trance Glitch Suomi Ambient Minimal IDM Classic Psystep Uplifting Psybreaks Tribal and Drum & Bass

On this website I discovered artists such as Hypnoxock, HelixNebula, MentalImage, Electronic Grind and others who stay in my personal favourites, the ones I share the most, if there is such a thing.

Now visit Ektoplazm and give it a go, every album comes with an extensive description, comments, and a player to preview it in its entirety before downloading it for free. If you like Ektoplazm, then you can also consider donating to the team via the Donate link. Every little bit helps !

The same, if you like La Mojoteque, then share it with your parents and your English Literature Professor.

dimanche 9 juin 2013

DJ Mentos - Abstract Reality

DJ Mentos' latest LP has everything you thought there would be inside, such as hip-hop beats, jazzy melodies, old-school rhythms and weird samples.
Completely different from Field of Vision, yet you can clearly recognise his particular style.

In fact, I could just pick up words from the presentation of the Dusted Wax Kingdom netlabel, on which Mentos choosed to be released. They deal in "intelligent chilled grooves", check, they "are looking for that oldschool sound from young golden years of samples based music", check...

But what am I rambling about again ? I can see you just cannot wait to press play, right ? You can stream the whole album by clicking on this link, or just go there and press the long-loved download button.

Have a nice day. And yes, this article comes a sunday, this is because it has been shared to me directly by the artist, thus it appears earlier than my other discoveries.

lundi 3 juin 2013

News 3

- The first new playlist is born. As I said before, I decided to delete the old "Best of La Mojoteque" playlist, because it mixed too many genres at once and was difficult to listen to because of the alternance of short songs and long mixes. I want this to be as easy and evident as possible. So here it is, the first Mojoteque playlist packed with chilly vibes, entirely made of free or free-priced tracks and releases. Just click on the picture to the right to start the playlist. It will be continually updated, so don't forget to turn on shuffle mode !

- The "About" section has been modified and updated, as well as the "Links" section, which now contains the link to my Youtube channel. Be sure to check it out !

vendredi 31 mai 2013

C418 - Seven Years of Server Data

I won't say why C418 is most widely known on the web because that is not the subject and also it is often the only thing people remember about him.

Here, a 18-track free release, it's peculiar enough.

But the weird distorted dreamy sounds that it contains, those I cannot find words to describe. You have to listen, but it's between chill and onirique, maybe, more or less. Just try it. I cannot help.

mercredi 29 mai 2013

Moby Stick - Follow the Roots

Groovy reggae this week, I usually ramble about how difficult it is to find good free reggae, but this one just offered itself to me, like a gift.

The blog is becoming bigger, I saw some albums featured here on some people's mp3 players. That is a big spur to continue sharing music. I'm working on some ideas to improve the blog even more, still, I lack the tools for the moment. We'll see what the future holds.

Enjoy, and till next week !