mercredi 30 mars 2016

Weekend Cult - Weekend Cult

To end this month of march in a beautiful fashion, I suggest listening to some groovy hip-hop, whaddya think ? I discovered this album when it was suggested to me while I was buying an album by Al Lover, producer of electronic and psychedelic beats. There are always nice discoveries to make when you buy something on Bandcamp, here's the proof.

It's old-school, no gangsta anywhere near here, no fat electronic beats turning our youths into savage warmongers, only rhythms, rimes, flow, poetry, subversive lyrics that do not become a boring course on morals and ethics. It goes up all at once, and it does not come down, even after the end you still feel the heat of the city in the afternoon, watching friends playing football with a tin can.

I hate tin cans.

mercredi 23 mars 2016

Fortune Howl - Spectrum Analysis

This is the kind of album that will make you go like "What the hell is going on here ?!", one of the first that made me want to create a tag specially made for albums impossible to classify. Broken rhythms, noises from glasses of whiskey making love, dreamy soundscapes in the back, well, it's kind of hard to describe, so I'll let you try for yourself. Definitely worth three or four listenings before full appreciation is reached.

See you around.

mercredi 16 mars 2016

il:lo - Places

Out on the belgian label DLoaw & co. which already did great things like the first and second Secret Garden compilations, Places is a flawless album in which il:lo drags us with him to a world of sunsets, sweet darkness and brass, inhabited by ghostly trumpets and lost souls liking it this way.

It's never too much.

mercredi 9 mars 2016

Soulular - EvoLuminate

Soulular ! Now there's an artist you should know and hear more about, especially if you like chillstep, booming music that caresses the mind, deep dub, or dubstep with dub and step, and no killing robots but real pieces of electronic fruit inside !

EvoLuminate is his latest album, and is designed to be a tribute to all the support he received during his career as an electronic music producer, a kind of musical thank you.

Well I think the least we can answer is "You're welcome !" and then bask in this dreamy goodness for about the time it takes to listen to eight tracks ten times in a row.

All Soulular's releases are available for free-priced download, do not hesitate to go dig around and listen to his previous albums.

mercredi 2 mars 2016

Alexander Saykov - Whitestoned

Welcome to the month of march, during which it is very important not to forget to massage vigorously your brain cells every day.

To do so, I suggest listening the latest album by Alexander Saykov, out at Cold Tear Records, well known for the great quality of every release they produce.

Deep layers of synthetic atmosphere fall down slowly on robotic rhythms and basses holding the whole together. Feels like a city abandoned for thousands of years with the electricity still on and functioning for no one. Yes, what a waste. You're right.

Download the album for free by clicking on the link or buy it on Bandcamp to support the label and get the high-quality lossless format of the tracks.

Go with the wind.