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mercredi 22 février 2017

Soulular - Moments in Time, Vol. 2

Amid vapours of hang drum sounds and sitar ticklings, enter the ancient tree in which Soulular has decided to live, and listen.

A swampy atmosphere takes you on gurgling basslines to another world, another dimension, between dream and waking world. Between now, then, and later.

This collection of tracks made between 2015 and 2016 are meant to be warm and intimate, and it's even more evident when listening to them with headphones on.


mercredi 15 février 2017

The Citradels - Are They Still Here ?

Before you go on and listen to this album, remember that you never should overlook one because you do not like the first track.

Colour Cue, this album's first track begins in a good mood, with a foggy atmosphere, saturated guitars... Then comes the vocals, which it seems wants to get rid of us, to make us go as far away as possible with a monotonous tone and wrong notes that would trigger a crushing depression in the most joyful hobbits.

At this stage, you're thinking of passing this one out, and I almost did the same. But just skip this track and now the album really begins, rising up with ethereal chords, an old-school psychedelic musical style, a bit of smoke, a bit of dust, a half-destroyed drumkit and guitars riddled with fingerprints.

Just what we asked.

'Are They Still Here ?' feels like it is asking the question. Whether you'll still be here after a bad first impression. Well, you'd do well to be.

Good listening to you all ! Listen, like, share, buy if you're the buying type.

See you.

mercredi 8 février 2017

Electric Octopus - Live on Oxford Island

Electric Octopus is one of the best bands I've discovered in 2016. It is so good I even bought a t-shirt with that exquisite purple cephalopod so everyone is like "nice t-shirt !" and I answer like "yeah it's Electric Octopus you know, a pretty cool band from northern Ireland you should totally listen to".

And then they do ! That's t-shirt magic for you...

Anyway, if you're into long musical jams between alchemists armed with instruments and electricity, you're going to love this album and all the music from Electric Octopus altogether.

See you again soon.

mercredi 1 février 2017

VA - Orange "Psychedelic" (Colors Compilations)

The Blog That Celebrates Itself (no, it's not me), a brazilian netlabel, has created a selection of musical works and conveyed the particular atmosphere they all exhale with colours.

Under the colour 'Orange' you will find fifteen tracks of psychedelic/desert/hard rock, some in english, some in a still unidentified language that is probably portuguese. Groovy, full of references to psych-acid-culture, really enjoyable. I suddenly have a newfound love for the colour orange.

Perfect for those evenings you spend with friends, remaking the world between two puffs of smoke and thinking about that which the future holds.

mercredi 11 janvier 2017

Ludd - Dead End Future

Fat cats lost on the moon in small apartments, armies of ants taking over the forest, the planets aligning, digging a hole to the other side of earth, breathing underwater, uncovering hidden crystal cities... Those are the images I get when listening to this album.

It has a pretty weird feeling to it but I like it a lot, especially because it is so hard to categorize. I guess a question mark will do.

In a state between thoughtfulness and dream-inducing, nostalgic music... My favourite from Now Defunc Records.

mercredi 4 janvier 2017

Telan Devik - Hi Scores EP. Vol. 1

Happy new year ! I certainly hope 2017 will bring good news. No harm in hoping for good things I guess.

Here's the first 2017 article, welcome to the world little fellow.

Just enjoy this retrowave bordering on 8bit music, and see you around !