mercredi 16 mai 2018

Night Runner - Starfighter

Mexican duo Night Runner puts the bar very high with Starfighter, a blend of everything we adore in Synthwave.

Careful not to tread on the swampy grounds of Darksynth (that we shall love forever and more), they focus the power of their music on softer beats, fast but not agressive.

The first line of synthesizers give the release its tone and atmosphere. A space vigilante has come to Earth for a bit in his old berline, listening to a couple of good tracks and saving a few innocents on the way.

Just an excellent album, great to share with everyone. If you can, you can even go as far as to show your appreciation by giving a little something.

mercredi 9 mai 2018

The Villain - Parallels

Yeah I know, a couple of weeks ago I already shared some beautiful music piece from The Villain, but, you see, I crave this kind of sound so much. The calm, the tranquility, the soothing.

An amazing full-length album this time, featuring 12 tracks of master-crafted Downtempo beats in his own personal style, the result of about a year of sonic experimentations.

This album is bound to be granted a full scholarship to go and live in you favourites of all time. Just press play.

mercredi 2 mai 2018

Procedural Braindance - Pentachroma

Will you have some of this delicious Braindance?

As usual for Recycled Plastics, a very simple cover, a nice title that is not too far-fetched, and complex and powerful sounds to say the least.

This is very representative of the Braindance style. Some say it's not real, who knows ?

I just lost eurodollars gambling, so I'm using these delectable bits of electricity rushing toward each other to heal.

It works perfect, you should try. Also, pay a visit to Recycled Plastics and say hello for me.

mercredi 25 avril 2018

Hollywood Burns - Invaders

Watch out you lot, under this beautiful cover lies a close encounter of the third kind between Mars Attacks, The War of the Worlds, and the Future City Cybernator Neon Criminal Motorcycle Gang of Synthwave.

In this bold blend of Darksynth and epic alien invasion music you will find all the ingredients that helped great names such as Carpenter Brut or Kavinsky become famous, but with an all personal touch from Hollywood Burns and various friends who came to play the electric guitar here or to create fantastic beats there.

On the whole, resistance is futile, especially for those among you already part of the Darksynth cult. And who knows ? This might just serve as a gateway into the beautiful and terrifying world of Synthwave.

Kiss my cake.

mercredi 18 avril 2018

King Shi - Red

Here's a flawless Downtempo gem. I will go as far as considering it one of the best releases ever from Dusted Wax Kingdom.

King Shi takes us on familiar roads, weaving his pieces along the way with great skill, shaping the whole in a manner that is rather hard not to enjoy, not to mention that it will probably take its rightful place amongst your favourites.

A smooth blend of influences (such as Bonobo or Emancipator) set with original and personal compositions, a work of art in itself that is best enjoyed during rainy or snowy days, with wide open ears and good monitors, but not too much volume.

In a nutshell, this music puts your neurons back into place.

To get it, visit DWK's website.

mercredi 11 avril 2018

Dropping Gems - Gem Drops Four

Fourth in the line of succession of the Gem Drops dynasty, this fourth installment comes across as a worthy heir. It taps into the endlessly inclassifiable music of its predecessor to give us one thoroughly enjoyable musical journey from beginning to end.

A flawless ethereal gem drop, to listen to without delay.

Like now, unless you've got something better to do, but I doubt it.