samedi 12 septembre 2020

The Oh Hellos - Boreas

After quite the hiatus, the Oh Hellos are back with Boreas, cosily cocooning between folk and some other kind of folk, yet unlabelled.

Nostalgic atmosphere of wooden cabins and tranquil snowy sunsets and sunrises.

mercredi 9 septembre 2020

Sergeant Thunderhoof - Delicate Sound of Thunderhoof

If anyone needed any more proof that Sergeant Thunderhoof is an exceptional band capable of exceptional musical prowess, just check this collection of acoustic self-remixes.

The texture rendered by the acoustic guitar is so clear and crisp it feels like sitting inside the instrument while it's being played.

A very nostalgic atmosphere, pretty different from the usual epic cosmic cavalcade. It just begs you to listen again to the whole discography.

Have a nice day.

mercredi 29 juillet 2020

Acqtäz - From Honey to Ashes

This album is pretty hard to pin down. It's as if Dirtwire had a baby with themselves, in a swamp, while Amon Tobin watched from the bushes. A savoury guitar work lifts up, carried by heavy basslines and stalked by strange little noises and background rhythms.

An artist (or band?) that will give you some trouble each time someone will ask you 'hey, whatcha listenin' to?'

The best ones.

mercredi 22 juillet 2020

Bagul - Vintage Baguls

After a 6-year hiatus, Bagul comes back with a series of clean-cut beats reminiscing of sunset-lit cityscapes, road-trips to the beach in an old car... seems to me they are just waiting for lyrics to gracefully perch themselves upon their soundwaves, but I am personally a fan of instrumental pieces.

mercredi 11 mars 2020

Supervoid - Filaments

If I had to add any tag other than "Metal" to this album, it would be "Grunge", because it has evident influences from either or both Pearl Jam and Soundgarden while retaining a very heavy and deep sound, with melodic harmonies and a voice that can just as well delve in the depths of darkness, scream and scream or come back to the surface and sing.

Between the desert and the deep sea.

See you next time.

mercredi 4 mars 2020

Monobrow - Big Sky, Black Horse

Just discovered this gem while browsing some band's recommendations. It's fully instrumental so you needn't worry about what the singer's voice is gonna sound like during that long intro, you know what I mean.

Well, time to go spread the good news!
And time to go to work.

Have a nice musical day.

Yeah I know, the cover is kinda scary. It happens...