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mercredi 26 octobre 2016

The Dirty Feathers - Midnight Snakes

Here's an old one, an ancient gem from a time when life was something else.

I discovered The Dirty Feathers and bought their album at a time when it was free-priced. Later I started the Mojoteque project and wanted to share Midnight Snakes, but it was not free anymore. Brought down by the bad fortunes of life, I wistfully decided not to write anything about it... But I chanced upon it recently and there it is again free-priced !

So don't mind me but I will take this opportunity to share it with you.

In the year 2011, a band from Illinois decided to mix psychedelic, desertic and mineral influences to create a unique stylish blend which musn't be listened to on "shitty laptop speakers" as they say.

I will even go a bit further saying you never should listen to anything at all on laptop speakers unless you haven't got a say in the matter.

After this album, The Dirty Feathers released a single in 2012 that is also free-priced. Then, it's the desert, at least in the studio, because the band continues to play here and there, touring the small stages and small smokey bars mostly in the US, keeping a roots attitude that so many bands tend to lose when they get bigger.

Their catalog remained almost empty for several years, but who knows ?

Well, if you start following their Bandcamp page or La Mojoteque, you'll be the first to know when they lay a new album.

In the meantime, have a good one.

mercredi 19 octobre 2016

Sabanas - Ascension

J. Sabanas from Flanders, Belgium makes "druggy ambient hypnotic beats", the kind of music that expresses the state you're in when you get engulfed in a sofa in front of the hearth after having a good plate of mashed mushrooms, without sausage and applesauce (oh no ! some will say).

Sabanas will take you to a dream-state with rhythms that are sometimes slow and deep, sometimes broken in little pieces, hypnotic melodies that feel like being alone and barefooted sunday morning on a carless highway and subtle instrumentals.

This album is out at DRLR Records, a belgian label that you need to scrutinize a bit, full of strange and surprising music, and free-priced what is more. So listen, enjoy and share.

Let yourself go.

mercredi 12 octobre 2016

bioLuMigen - ...ua.ka.r.ak.au...

From the depths of California, bioLuMigen returns (ok, he was already back since may) with, as usual a very small but precious album, with this time a name that's hard to read and pronounce !

Back with his particular style and sonorities which, even with thorough and hard research I could not find anywhere else. It's like a journey at the speed of light between the death valley and medieval China countryside, side to side with Lao-Tseu pleading the cause of bees, trees, whales and snails.

An album from bioLuMigen is something quite rare and beautiful, so do not hesitate to feed him a little donation, to add it to your collection of dream music, to share it with your friends, it's really one of a kind.

If you need more (I know I do), go visit his Soundcloud.

mercredi 5 octobre 2016

Elekwent Folk - Northern Lights

Hello and welcome in october, a month that has little to nothing special about it, so we'll try to get it an unusual additional groove. And we'll begin right away with Northern Lights, an already ancient LP by some Vancouver-based Elekwent Folk.

This is old-school hip-hop, singing and rapping between the woods and the streets on various subjects such as light, forests, butts, love, beach, poetry... The two 'emcees' A-Ro and Slippery Elm get comfortable and let loose on the beats carved lovingly by AstroLogical in the überchill tradition, with some nice featurings here and there.

I found this perfect rapping gem by looking for free folk music, you never know...


mercredi 28 septembre 2016

Beatween - The Ocean Between Us

When DLoaw & Co. specially recommends an album, you never get disappointed, and here's another proof with the debut album from Beatween, a duo from "between Québec and Switzerland" made of Raycord's electronic textures and Maël's acoustic instrumentals.

Clarinet, piano, guitar and drums dance and blend in each other on downtempo beats made of flowing liquid sound.

Not a single faux pas on this album that you may well call a love at first time (I've only listened to it once and it's not even finished when I started writing the article. But there's a good chance I'll listen to it again and again in the future).

mercredi 21 septembre 2016

VA - Resonant Heart

Resonant Heart is the follow-up compilation to Resonant Mind, which is also free-priced. Where the first one concentrated on thought, spirit, their immortal nature and the infinite which only them can hope to touch ; this present one goes back down to earth, to the core of the planet and human beings, to shake our hearts and make them resonate with strange rhythms, and melodies that go back and forth between the skies with thousands of stars, and the pools of mud with thousands of tadpoles.

The talent of all these artists combined creates a unique atmosphere, a blend of styles. Desert Dwellers welcomes us, chanting from far away, Kalya Scintilla plunges us into mystical swampy grounds, Mr Squatch digs for spices that titillate our nostrils and enable space travel, Gibson lets us try his laser harp, Biolumigen bids us farewell with his peculiar style...

This album found while looking for more free music from Mr Squatch has a lot of good surprises in reserve.

I only found one little thing I did not like, but so small it serves no purpose to talk about it.

Focus on what is good.