mercredi 17 janvier 2018

All Them Witches - A Sweet Release

Good stoner is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Once you get your greedy hands on that needle, don't let go ! And while you're at it try to find a bunch of other needles, they may come in handy.

One of those needles I've found is this, A Sweet Release by All Them Witches, a great stoner band consisting of Robby Staebler at the drums, Ben McLeod at the guitar, Charles Michael Parks Jr. at the bass guitar and the vocals, and Allan Van Cleave at the keys.

Their music is like an satisfyingly heavy psychedelic trip to the heart of the planet and back, as should always be the case.

I won't get tired of it anytime soon but that could not be the case of your neighbours mind you, so invite them for a pint while you listen to this gem.

mercredi 10 janvier 2018

Aloe Island Posse - Good Night Aloe Island

This album embodies pretty nicely the conception I have of Future Funk. Old-school kitsch synths like a sunset seen by the milkshake bar by the sea, disco samples, rhythms that give one the urge both to dance and to sweep the floor all at once, but most of all a special 80s, 90s atmosphere given by the scratchy lo-fi sound, the short keytar riffs and the unavoidable image of an era lost and idealised at the same time...

But don't worry, by the time we get to 2080, we'll get to live the eighties of the future ! And yes of course we'll still be there, what's that for a question ?

If you crave more Future Funk as I do, go and take a listen to what they got at Sleepless Tapes, you won't be disappointed.

mercredi 3 janvier 2018

Scythe - Chipscape

It's high time people knew about Scythe !

I discovered his/her music by listening to Krelez's ever-rewarding radio. I recognised its typically megaman-esque sounds and thought "this is the kind of chiptune that suits me so perfectly". So I went on, like each time, and searched, asking the question, "is there more ?"

And yes there is. More tracks can be found on Bandcamp and on Soundcloud. The album is quite recent so there is a good chance that more is coming right up.

Also, don't forget to go and take a listen to Cheapbeat's catalog. Cheapbeats is a Tokyo-based netlabel specialising in chiptune, and I got to say, there is never enough of those...

dimanche 31 décembre 2017

Telan Devik - Retro Illuminated Vol. 2

Happy New Year ! Just in case anybody is spending tonight on the Internet, just wondering what to do, what to say, what is life, what is love, I want to offer you one of my all-time favourites: Retro Illuminated Vol. 2 by Telan Devik, a genius producer from Greenland.

Telan spends his idle time interacting with a variety of old synthesizers, making them produce sounds that sound just like they barely escaped the mid 80's, while some of us just sit there.

Short but very sweet, this EP will take you to heights never before reached by woman or man.

I think if this music had existed when I was a little cake, it would have been my madeleine de Proust forever.

Still, it kinda is...

Well, see you around, if the Earth hasn't exploded yet, if everything is the same apart from the date, if you're still up to discovering new music, encouraging young talented artists, and so on and so forth...

C-c-c-c-commmmmmbo brrrreaker !

mercredi 27 décembre 2017

Sacio - Ballcat's Adventures

Well hello ! Ok then... I don't really know what to say about this album, apart that it's a pretty neat collection of tracks in a Sega Genesis sort of style.

I had the chance to come upon this very obscure album thanks to Krelez's Random Chiptune Radio.

mercredi 20 décembre 2017

Aoi - 1

Tapping his inspiration from various sources, Aoi creates each track as an atmosphere in itself. Changing, dream-inducing...

I stumbled randomly on this album, and I'm quite content that I have, because its music left its mark on my mind. Its blend of instrumentals and electronic sonorities immediately transported my thoughts to another dimension, filled with nostalgy and rêveries. As for now, it's Aoi's only album, but who knows what the future holds ?

I hope to hear more in the future, as far as I'm concerned.