mercredi 18 juillet 2018

H-Pizzle - Return to Neo-Jersey

Ok, everyone back from work ? I delved into the abyss of the "to listen" folder and fished this beauty out. This is just pure old-school Chiptune goodness, a bunch of saw waves partying together all night.

If this does not make you want to try not to die at Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on NES once again, I don't know what it'll take...

Ok, any other good game will do it.

While you're at it, go and say hello to the guy to wake him up. Like, hey man, make more music, we need more !

mercredi 11 juillet 2018

Sunlover Records - Maximum Workout

Caution : high voltage !

Specialising in Italowave (a nice blend of retro synths and 80s Italian Disco, yes it exists), Sunlover Records has a finger in all the synth pies, anything that starts or end with "synth" or "wave", they have.

But here we have a monument to highly energetic dancing Synthwave, reminiscing of good old action movies or the more recent Kung Fury, both so close to us, and already so far away.

An ideal compilation to go run outside in the morning, to drive a convertible in the streets of Miami by night, some thirty-five years ago. Flawless.

Please note that the majority of the albums they release are not free or free-priced, but the few compilations that are make up for all the rest because they are so, so good. Follow them on Facebook, Youtube or Soundcloud.

Bon appétit !

mercredi 4 juillet 2018

Bioscape - Shaping Seasons

It has been a LONG while since I posted anything starting with "psy-" but the summer lights of this beautiful month of July told me to do it again, and I had to comply when I discovered that Bioscape had produced a couple of new albums right when I wasn't looking !

You can really feel the evolution of the quality of his work. Driving basslines, beautiful melodies, an atmosphere that will take you from the core of the Earth to mystical jungles, and ultimately to outer-space, of course, because which Psydub album doesn't send people in orbit ?

But all the while it does so, the musical feeling shifts from season to season, and ends beautifully with winter.

Needless to say, I was chilled to the bone.

Enjoy this master-crafted piece of psychedelic music.

mercredi 27 juin 2018

oDDling - Y-Z

Mesmerizing chillwave music to heal all your wounds, be them physical or mental, and to rearrange your neurons in alphabetical order.

You'll find more music by oDDling on his Soundcloud page, in the meantime, enjoy this beautiful piece of work.

See you later.

mercredi 20 juin 2018

Confessor - Liminal Dive

Wow, alright, just let me take five minutes to land...

After a series of albums of an elegiac, nostalgic beauty, focusing on the passing of time, death, storms and rainy days, Confessor reaches for the stars in a rocket fuelled for a one-way trip to meet celestial entities. The final frontier is at hand.

The shuttle takes off softly amid a throng of neon butterflies, the trip is filled with dreams, you sleep, until you finally arrive at the Stellar Cathedral of Creation. You're in for a treat.

Best listened to in a calm atmosphere.

Wearing headphones may heighten the experience.

mercredi 13 juin 2018

Pain Perdu - Nouvelle Lune

Freshly reaped Chiptune to captivate your senses. To be administrated directly in the ears, no protection required.

Whirling, energetic, flawless. No comment.

Check their Soundcloud for more.

Check Cheapbeats Netlabel for even more.