mercredi 30 septembre 2015

Minimal Boffin - Averment

Let us end this poor and hated month of september with a bit of what gave its name to La Mojoteque, Mojo-Tech. Picture yourself on a beautiful beach, being grilled by the sun like a thrice-peppered soy-sausage, facing a lake which acts as a mirror for the sky on fire. Calm and relaxed, surrounded by enormous loudpseakers with a bass sound of sismic scale, you listen to Minimal Boffin.

There's an album that will please all the dub-tech and deep-tech lovers, the kind of music that resonates gently in the soul and makes you dance to the rhythm of the slow heartbeat of a giant with sand in your shoes (but not too much) and sun, lots and lots of sun ! Thanks to Cold Tear Records for the quality of every beat of music they release

You can buy the album on Bandcamp in mp3 or lossless format, or you can download it for free via Cold Tear's website. Good listening !

mercredi 23 septembre 2015

Rec_Overflow - Unemployed

If you're in the mood for a really peculiar kind of album, if you'd like a trip down the last pit of hell and back to the shimmering silver linings of the clouds, watching cyber-meadows down below with eagle eyes, then you'll probably like to listen to Unemployed by Rec_Overflow, an album that goes where you wouldn't think it would, tinkering with the styles that you already know to take them to new heights and depths. From dubstep, gloomy electronic music to chillstep and onirique chill, then back to acid electro and otherwise underground techno.

Out at Crazy Language Records, Unemployed can also be enjoyed by people who have a job, but I must warn you that, being this special, it won't please everyone at first. So let us pause a moment before we press play to concentrate a bit, and then...

mercredi 16 septembre 2015

Kill Emil - Lights & Shadows

I learnt Kill Emil's existence thanks to Cédric, who's been following La Mojoteque for a while now. Yeah, thank you man for making my hard drive and brain yet again overflow with excellent music !

Kill Emil comes from Greece. A sign that even the worst of crises and political fuss cannot kill art, free art, art for art ! They can throw missiles, arm soldiers, destroy the meaning and value of money, art will rise above again and again !

Situated between a groovy swingy electrochill and the most "street music by night" urban chill you can find, Kill Emil succeeds in not going too far in those two styles and creating his own, which you're about to discover (if you didn't already).

I'll leave you now to listen to Lights & Shadows, a terrific album from the far away time of 2014...

And remember, one part rice, two parts water.

mercredi 9 septembre 2015

Orloc - YOAKE

Do you know what chillbit is ? Yes you remember, remember ? It's a bit of chill, a bit of 8-bit, blended together like a smooth paste of square roots, atoms and pieces of crystal, hold together by the magical force of atomic gravitation into space.

8bitpeoples is a great place to find new music. While Chiptunes = WIN focuses of the jumpy dancy part of chiptunes (and we do like it, a lot), you find a great diversity of styles and subgenres at 8bitpeoples, as you will hear when listening to this release by Orloc.

She really brings 8-bit into and from the dream world.

Get it by following this link.

Listen :

samedi 5 septembre 2015

Electrocado - Scribble

Electrocado is one of the very first great names I've discovered when I began my never-ending quest for free music. Now, after a brief pause of about three years, Mr Bill and Ryanosaurus, great masters of glitch, psytrance and minced beats, return with Scribble, an album so good that I just cannot wait until next wednesday to post an article about it.

Scribble, I think, will pique the curiosity and pineal glands of all those who love electronic music on this planet, because there are so many genres that are present and accounted for (sir !), ranging from glitch-hop and psytrance to technoïd beats, all of it processed through a giant blender to create a true musical guacamole, which renders this album impossible to classify, for the best.

So yeah, Electro because it's elecrifying, Glitch because it's mostly glitchy in the atmosphere, and Groove because it's totally groovy.

You'll see, let yourself go.

And now, le kiss goodbye.

mercredi 2 septembre 2015

Various Artists - Marijuanaut Vol. I

Drug culture it seems, can give many spirits a good deal of great ideas. The italians of the webzine Doomabbestia,  with the help of their friends from The Smoking Goat Records, present us with the first volume of Marijuanaut, a compilation meant to gather all the best contemporary italian doom metal and heavy psych.

In two CDs, this compilation goes through the obscure realms of metal, be it doom, stoner of psych, you name it. They have the heavy in common, you'll hear.

As far as I'm concerned, it's the instrumentals that really got me hooked. Those musicians let themselves go with all the lyrical heaviness they have, to embroider the guttural nightmarish screams which the connoisseurs will enjoy in the proper way.