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Good morning and welcome on La Mojoteque, a blog and sharing platform for free(-priced) music.

I usually pass all my free time listening to music. Sometimes my non-free time also. Actually, I listen to music all the time. A friend showed me that there are still lots of people making music as a passion and not for the sake of their purse. Most of them won't turn their art into a full-time job, won't make a lot of money with it, leaving it purer, free to be a little weird, a little out of place, sometimes to the point where you won't even be able to put it during a party.

Each week, usually wednesday at 6pm, an album is posted on the blog coming straight out my daily roamings and the great work of one or more artists. It is also shared on Facebook, on Tumblr, and on Twitter, your choice of your favourite social platform. The articles posted here are short, get sometimes messy, but usually try to focus on summarizing (when possible) the featured album.

If you are a producer, DJ, manager, or if you play in a band making free(-priced) music, and if you would like to see a nice article about you here, feel free to contact me via email at the address, or by commenting anywhere, or on the Facebook page, and send me your music. Unfinished tracks and works in progress will not be taken in account, as well as non-free albums. For it to appear on La Mojoteque, it must be completely free.

No need to say, there is a lot more free music than you can imagine, and I'm constantly listening to some. So I'll do my best to answer you as fast as possible, and if your music is really really nice I'll write an article about it and notify you when it's out.

If you are just a virtual wanderer, then feel free to roam through the blog and take a listen out of one of these albums (or other media). It is always possible to listen to the entirety of all the albums featured here. When it's not, then there is a problem of dead link, of suppressed Youtube account, or another problem. When this is the case, please notify me, that'll make managing the fast growing blog a lot easier for me, thank you.

When you like an album in particular, you can download it by clicking on the most logical link (the one marked 'click me' or 'download'), sometimes you can also name your own price, a kind of donation you make directly to the artists and label who brought you (and me) the music. I insist on the fact that I don't make any money out of this. Each time you decide to give a little something to an artist or label, this little something will entirely go where you wanted it to go, and nowhere else. You can usually do that with Paypal, a service which does not require a credit card or a linked bank account to work.

Feel free to take a look around, and stay curious.

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  1. New free music from BKBROWN

    1. Thanks for the info man, I'll take a look soon !

  2. Sick blog dude, keep it up!