vendredi 31 mai 2013

C418 - Seven Years of Server Data

I won't say why C418 is most widely known on the web because that is not the subject and also it is often the only thing people remember about him.

Here, a 18-track free release, it's peculiar enough.

But the weird distorted dreamy sounds that it contains, those I cannot find words to describe. You have to listen, but it's between chill and onirique, maybe, more or less. Just try it. I cannot help.

mercredi 29 mai 2013

Moby Stick - Follow the Roots

Groovy reggae this week, I usually ramble about how difficult it is to find good free reggae, but this one just offered itself to me, like a gift.

The blog is becoming bigger, I saw some albums featured here on some people's mp3 players. That is a big spur to continue sharing music. I'm working on some ideas to improve the blog even more, still, I lack the tools for the moment. We'll see what the future holds.

Enjoy, and till next week !

dimanche 26 mai 2013

Microcosm - Higher Levels

Here is the first album I ever downloaded on Ektoplazm. The first one that made itself visible to my bewildered eyes and ears, tickling my then dull and flat mindscapes with psychedelic pseudopods to give life and shape to it.

If it had to be defined, then maybe monstrogoalord is a term that would fit, old-school, as Weasel would say. I once said about Hypnoxock that if someone ever asked me "what is goa ?" I would answer with "Oddities", but this one is quite the competitor.

If your brain should melt entirely or partly when exposed to this music, don't worry, because everything always ends up fine. I think, maybe.

vendredi 24 mai 2013

Various Artists - Growing Seeds

When I was young and foolish, I thought that goa was goa, and that it was as simple as that. But in the years passing, I learned to recognise different types and sub-types of goa. Even now when I'm talking about it, I don't really exactly know what is goa... But I can assure you that this compilation is packed with enough full-on psytrance to make holes in your walls.

To listen to the whole release at once could hurt fragile ears, even mine. So it is better to let it go drop by drop directly in your geniculate ganglion, this way it will have its typical goa power effect without causing too much destruction. The first track is really monstrous.

mercredi 22 mai 2013

The Oh Hellos - Through the Deep, Dark Valley

Beautiful music from siblings Maggie and Tyler Heath. From the first tracks you can already feel the folkish atmosphere that will stay present until the end. I must admit there are hints of pop music of which I am less fond, but still, it is harmoniously embroidered in the rest of the release.

There is something authentic inside.

lundi 20 mai 2013

Deimos - Ruptured EP

This one is short, it's true, but it's really worth the listen. A blend of electro and drum&bass, powerful but balanced. Maybe it's because other producers also call themselves Deimos that we don't hear much from this one anymore. If somebody has news about Deimos, please let me know.

Get it here.

dimanche 19 mai 2013

Cryptic Moses - Broken Blacklight EP

Cryptic Moses "Broken Blacklight" EP is a very old finding. In fact I had almost forgotten about it, but not completely, just enough to remember and give it to you.

If I had forgotten, how could I say it made an impression on me, right ? It made an impression on a whole period of my life in fact, and a particular festival in april. It was freezing.

Dark electro, pulsing energy. Great music, you can trust this one.

vendredi 17 mai 2013

DJ Mentos - Field of Vision

Very nice and chilly, a little hip-hop (in the rhythm) and jazzy sometimes. This is one of these albums that is part of a moment when high-quality free music rains itself upon you, so much that your saturated ears will eventually need to take a long break, lest you'd go completely crazy.

Did you ever try not listening to any music at all for at least a week ? I'm telling you, it's a very strange sensation, as if something is always missing but you don't really know what. But after that, when you start listening again, it's as if each song reclaims its rightful place among works of art. You start to listen again, and you don't hear any more.

mercredi 15 mai 2013

Merkaba - Ancient Relics

Due to its seemingly easy robotic beat appearance, it is quite hard to find good Techtrance that is different from the great stack of boom boom music you will certainly find. You found some already, if you tried. If you liked Merkaba's album "Rediscovery", you will certainly appreciate these four tracks of groovy Techtrance.

It goes on and on...

samedi 11 mai 2013

News 2

Hello, here are some news :

- Because of the spams I was receiving every now and then, new bank accounts, pills for every man's needs and other disgusting ridiculous stuff, I had to disable the anonymous comments. From now on, you will need to write your name or a pseudonym. It becoming harder and harder to moderate all these spams, because they were sent in the form of comments. It has been some weeks since the anonymous comments have been disabled, and since then, no more spams, so I'll keep it going like this.

- The article "Yearly Joy" that I wrote for my own birthday (before giving gifts to others, always give a gift to yourself, even if it's just a little love) is too long, I think, and needs to load a lot of players at once. What is more, there are so much releases in it, and so much different genres that you keep finding it everywhere. To remedy that I'm going to delete it, and instead create a different article for each release it contained, these will be posted every time I have the time. That will be easier for everyone.

Cheers !

mercredi 8 mai 2013

Gergaz Netlabel - Beat Garden Compilation 2

Nice ! The second Beat Garden Compilation, packed with exclusive sounds from Gergaz Netlabel's artists, is out ! And if you're curious enough about strange music, atypic rhythms and the like, you'll feel just at home.

25 high-quality free-priced tracks ranging from electronica to deep minimal tech. The whole is very chilly. Intricate soundscapes designed to prod our brains to create unexpected connections.