mercredi 31 juillet 2013

Eardream Music (VA) - Natural Intelligence

Good morning, I would like some psychedelic techno please. Yes this one seems nice thank you. Hmm ! Tasty ! It feels really like a nice blend of techno whirled and twirled a bit, with a foot on earth and the other in another dimension. And a little bit of tagada in the back, that is so nice thank you very much, that was exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks again ! Bisouzgerg.

mercredi 24 juillet 2013

VA - The Secret Garden Compilation

Don't you love these huge free compilation full of quality brain-melting eyes-twitching damn good vibrations ? I could not live without them. And just when I thought there wouldn't be another one to satisfy my very special needs, here comes DLoaw & Co. and their Secret Garden compilations.

Now, if you want to chill down a little, just a little more, right, this is the right music for you. This is just, you know, really high-quality music, you must not miss it, and even more if I did not.

See you in another space and time folkses.

mercredi 17 juillet 2013

Distant Tremor - V/A Uprising

When you're a various artist, there's no vacation. No one cares, no one sympathizes, you just stay home and play synthesizers. But now it's time to rise !

This release's artwork speaks for itself. First the frogs, chimps and giraffe, benevolent animals of chill music (damn, what am I getting at ?) and just after, the big dinosaurs of psytrance rushing like hell to god knows where.

It is, well, like a jewel of goa progressive and sometimes full-on psytrance encased in a chilly box. It opens with a nice chilly track, Serenity, from Sephira. Then starts to shift towards more trancelike grounds with Organismic's Unexpected Sky, right until it gets down to it with H-Sunrise's Enhanced Reality and the rest of the release's energetic pulsing music, till the last track chills you again with electrohypnotic vibes. Still, I'm putting it only under the Psytrance tag, because that's really the core of the release.

Seems it is the only free-priced release from the Distant Tremor label, but it is of incredible quality, it will make the small hair of the back of your neck rise almost instantly. Tagada tagada.

dimanche 14 juillet 2013

Dusted Wax Kingdom

If you like jazzy chill ambient hip-hop cool trippy jazzyjazz urban chill music, then you will love this. Dusted Wax Kingdom is a Bulgaria based netlabel that "boosts talented artists from all over the world, producing blunted downtempo beats, abstract hip-hop, trip-hop, lo-fi and all kinds of intelligent chilled grooves spiced with jazzy and soulful tasty ingredients". Yes, I know, I just took the description from their website and used it on mine, but there isn't really a better way to describe DWK. Every release they launch is completely free to download. You can also listen to everything in streaming.

Of course you saw that coming, being a completely free website about completely free music, with no advertisement at all, they suggest a small donation. Maybe a release on DWK changed your life forever, maybe you used some of their samples to create a masterpiece that sends your fellow human beings in their inner outer-space... maybe so, maybe so, then you can give a little something to keep the machine running fine and in tune here.

Also get updates about their releases on their Facebook page.

Go my minions, and revel in the sunset half-light of abstract hip-hop. I am going to imbue my twisted brain with its mystical semi-urban spirit.

See you, space cowboys.


The other day I was lost in the woods, without even the crescent of the moon to guide my way, completely shrouded in the warm darkness, listening to this music.


mercredi 10 juillet 2013

Monster Rally & RUMTUM - Coasting EP

I've always been a lover of Chill music. Ever since my ears' first steps in the Electronic music genre, of which existence I had completely no idea. Melodies both enchanting and strange I reminisce, until my most radicalofascist advances in the world of relaxation.

I found in Monster Rally and RUMTUM's EP a sweet praline that we can diffuse into our ears. It is completely painless, but far from being tasteless.

Remember those late nights playing Gran Turismo ? I do. "What are you doing awake at this hour of the night ?!", "Please mom, I'm trying to focus here !"

mercredi 3 juillet 2013

Phone Booth Robbers - Falling Into One

Back to the roots of free music for me, Ektoplazm being the very first website giving access to real free music I ever heard of. I remember, it was a stunning discovery, one night (progressive psytrance in the background) someone told me "Ever heard of Ektoplazm ? blablabla free music etc ultimate genius and so on...", I answered "goodness wonderful mother of the cakes" in an English so clean I could hardly believe it.

It had been a while since I had rummaged through their releases, the albums I share here aren't done so in the order of their discovery. And then (I'm going on with my little story), I read that Phone Booth Robbers is influenced by acts such as Shpongle, Ott, Bluetech, Ozric Tentacles... and I immediately feel like this guy has some strong references.

He delivers a steady dose of psybient, very groovy and swirly, a little pinch of psydub here and there. A spatial atmosphere, something out of this world, made by a human spaceship commander. This music I'm sure will please the ears of every lover of Psybient from the intellectual purists and the self proclaimed specialists to the more sympathetic people that do not pose so much. Good listening then, download the album directly from Ektoplazm (where you can also listen to the entire release before you make your mind, I forgot to mention that). Get yourself lost in cosmic dreams, then find your way back, grab some more, and get lost again. I hope it is possible to use the phrase "get lost" in a agreeable way.