dimanche 14 juillet 2013

Dusted Wax Kingdom

If you like jazzy chill ambient hip-hop cool trippy jazzyjazz urban chill music, then you will love this. Dusted Wax Kingdom is a Bulgaria based netlabel that "boosts talented artists from all over the world, producing blunted downtempo beats, abstract hip-hop, trip-hop, lo-fi and all kinds of intelligent chilled grooves spiced with jazzy and soulful tasty ingredients". Yes, I know, I just took the description from their website and used it on mine, but there isn't really a better way to describe DWK. Every release they launch is completely free to download. You can also listen to everything in streaming.

Of course you saw that coming, being a completely free website about completely free music, with no advertisement at all, they suggest a small donation. Maybe a release on DWK changed your life forever, maybe you used some of their samples to create a masterpiece that sends your fellow human beings in their inner outer-space... maybe so, maybe so, then you can give a little something to keep the machine running fine and in tune here.

Also get updates about their releases on their Facebook page.

Go my minions, and revel in the sunset half-light of abstract hip-hop. I am going to imbue my twisted brain with its mystical semi-urban spirit.

See you, space cowboys.

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