mercredi 17 juillet 2013

Distant Tremor - V/A Uprising

When you're a various artist, there's no vacation. No one cares, no one sympathizes, you just stay home and play synthesizers. But now it's time to rise !

This release's artwork speaks for itself. First the frogs, chimps and giraffe, benevolent animals of chill music (damn, what am I getting at ?) and just after, the big dinosaurs of psytrance rushing like hell to god knows where.

It is, well, like a jewel of goa progressive and sometimes full-on psytrance encased in a chilly box. It opens with a nice chilly track, Serenity, from Sephira. Then starts to shift towards more trancelike grounds with Organismic's Unexpected Sky, right until it gets down to it with H-Sunrise's Enhanced Reality and the rest of the release's energetic pulsing music, till the last track chills you again with electrohypnotic vibes. Still, I'm putting it only under the Psytrance tag, because that's really the core of the release.

Seems it is the only free-priced release from the Distant Tremor label, but it is of incredible quality, it will make the small hair of the back of your neck rise almost instantly. Tagada tagada.

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