mercredi 27 novembre 2013

Workforce - Apples and Sunshine

You find a lot of interesting things when googling "bandcamp name your price" a lot of free priced releases of course. Just on the first page I already found two new great releases, this one amongst them. Old-school hip-hop, nice lyrics and flow, and cool grooves. Just the kind of hip-hop I like, and of course free, and still completely unknown. Remember, if you like it, then share with your friends and family, because this is what it's all about !

samedi 23 novembre 2013

Auditive Escape - Profound

I have been listening to this album all day long and I'm still not tired of it. It is strange, because I didn't know at all about Auditive Escape's existence until yesterday when I found one of his albums on my hard drive. I have no memory of buying it or downloading it, but when I checked on Bandcamp, I saw that all his releases were free-priced, and I knew there was something there. And there is, just press play and you'll know what I mean. Maybe it is destiny, or someone hacked my computer and made me download some incredibly beautiful music against my will ! If you know or are this person, I thank you, because it seems discoveries never end.

mercredi 20 novembre 2013

V.A. - Labyrinth of Your Mind II

It has been a while since there was only weird and sublime chill music (which I love of course) shared on the blog. But there was a little lack of pulsatron rhythm (let's put it like this). I was just telling me this when I stumbled on this release on Ektoplazm's Facebook page. Various artists from Mystical Waves Records putting it together to create sweet Psytrancey waves of pure positive energy.
This one is quite a treat for the ears.
Get it on Ektoplazm.

samedi 16 novembre 2013

Vegetarian Meat - Factory Refurbished

I'm warning you, this is probably not the kind of music you'd want to hear on a (maybe) sunny saturday afternoon. Positioned between dark ambient and onirique chill music, this album reminds of days looking through a window, gaping portal to a world of nothingness, of the past and the possible future. Beautiful, yet sometimes darker or even a little gloomy. But I want to share it with you because I find it interesting and full of beauty somehow. This is not to dance, or to chill, this is just to look at the streets and ponder, to look at the leaves falling on the ground and think about the time passing.

Do not listen if you are somewhat depressed, it won't get any better afterwards. Or maybe it will, let's stay positive shall we ?

jeudi 14 novembre 2013

Hedflux - Wanderlust EP

Sometimes I try and write a review of the music I share, and sometimes I may be doing good. But this time we'll just let the artist talk, because he's doing good in summarising his own material : Hedflux "started this project in 2006 with a mission to combine the rhythm and bass of nu-skool breaks with the hi-tech sonics of psy-trance. After much tinkering and perseverence, a distinctive new style began to emerge; a style which [he] thinks is best described as Psychedelic-Tech-Funk".

Well friends, how is this ? Do you not want to discover what is hidden behind this strange genre ? It is really the best description possible although it is a little slower than the usual Psytech rhythm, but there is also something strangely glitchy at work around here... I discovered this EP on Bluetech's Facebook page.

samedi 9 novembre 2013

Baychimo - Passage

Excessively beautiful music is always at one or two clicks' range. Proof be this collection of great tracks from Baychimo, that I just discovered yesterday. I hope you enjoy this, I have nothing more to say, if you want something really good, just name your price. I think one of these days I'll start a Kickstarter project, to help me buy this free-priced music at a really incentive price. But first I need a wider social reach, I'll keep you up to date folks.

mercredi 6 novembre 2013

Beam&Deem - Eight Sided

Hello music lovers, you know what ? I have music for you, dreamy music, beautiful sounds, complex landscapes crafted with slow beats and nostalgic atmospheres.
This is an old discovery, back in the days when I was listening to free music all day long almost in industrial fashion to discover new albums. This was very frustrating at the time because I discovered also a lot of very low-quality music, but one day I came across Eight Sided and knew it was something special. I don't know if the artist is still making music because there is nothing new on his Bandcamp page since june 2011, but this one is worth every single second of listening. I hope some seemingly abandoned projects like this one will breathe again soon.