jeudi 14 novembre 2013

Hedflux - Wanderlust EP

Sometimes I try and write a review of the music I share, and sometimes I may be doing good. But this time we'll just let the artist talk, because he's doing good in summarising his own material : Hedflux "started this project in 2006 with a mission to combine the rhythm and bass of nu-skool breaks with the hi-tech sonics of psy-trance. After much tinkering and perseverence, a distinctive new style began to emerge; a style which [he] thinks is best described as Psychedelic-Tech-Funk".

Well friends, how is this ? Do you not want to discover what is hidden behind this strange genre ? It is really the best description possible although it is a little slower than the usual Psytech rhythm, but there is also something strangely glitchy at work around here... I discovered this EP on Bluetech's Facebook page.

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