mercredi 25 mars 2015

Spintronic - Llamas Love Gameboy Too

I'm sharing a very old find today, one I found during my ultra8bit phase way before La Mojoteque ever became an idea. I did not even know his music was free, it was in some sort of chiptune music collection that I downloaded. Groovy bouncy moving 8bit sound made with an old device, LSDJ that would enable you to produce music directly with your Game Boy, good old days.

Spintronic is not producing any more music for the moment, but I guess there is always the time for a comeback. It would be great to hear more of his style that is particularly bouncy, I guess that is the word that describes it best. The website on which his music was shared, Chiptunes Headbangers, is currently down and will probably stay like that, but it is still possible to get all the music there was on it by following this link. The link is in french, the inscription in red reads "The website is down forever. The work of the artists who contributed to its good whereabouts are still available here". Just click on "télécharger toutes ses tracks" which means "download all his tracks". It's all free so go take a look !

Yes I know the cover for this album is small, but it's the only one available in the world !

Sad to see a website dedicated to free music closing like that, that makes me want to keep mine going for as long as possible, that is, until the sun engulfs the Earth in a rain of flames and radiations.

mercredi 18 mars 2015

Somnium - Rocket Science

I know the Goa/Psytrance section has not received the love it deserves these times around. But it is just a phase. In fact I discovered that the best Psytrance albums are the shortest ones of three to five tracks, because there the artist lets it all out, without any "additional" track, so that you want more and more.

(Well made) compilations work too. I think a psytrance producer comes at the peak of his/her art when he/she has a particular recognisable style and starts walking away from the basic tagada with weird noises to get closer to the earthly vortex of goa-energy to find their inspiration.

Well Somnium got close enough, and gives us four tracks of uplifting shifty psytrance, going from techtrance to morning full-on with twists of... ragtime ? Yes he does.

The secret to enjoying psytrance : alternate between different artists.

And while you're at it, why not go check the lovingly constantly updated psytrance playlist ?

mercredi 11 mars 2015

Syndrome - Colourful Cows

Colourful Cows is an album you listen to like a violent story full of strong feelings, powerful riffs, strange samples and killer robot-judges. Close to Dream Theater for the progressive side, and not far from Muse for the pianosynthesization, Syndrome is a very young band of musicians giving their own touch of original progressive metal. Their first album is the first in a story they're telling about modern society, more to come around.

Never hesitate to give a little bit to young bands to help them get confidence and struggle less with financial problems. This enables them to focus on their music and to make you feel like rich sponsor.

mercredi 4 mars 2015

Kalya Scintilla - Dance of The Spiral Never Ending

I suggest we embark on a space vessel to make a dark, strange and distorted journey to a world vibrating around a spiral that never ends with the spiritual pulse of celestial beings, scouring the skies, defying imagination, at the heart of Kalya Scintilla's music.

Produced by Merkaba Music (a label that produces a lot of other nice music, by the way), Dance of The Spiral Never Ending  is the hypnotic sojourn of a soul revealing itself between two beats of electronic shamanic drums, a perfect example of what happens when you take "psy" and "step" and ask them to kiss.

This is the 200th article on La Mojoteque ! Time to celebrate right ? The catalog is becoming thicker and thicker. I'm thinking about learning how to make a real website, on a real server, with real server issues and a more clear and user-friendly system. I'm thinking about continuing to share as much as I can all the most incredible albums of planet Earth and other dimensional plans (of course).

If you like to come here to hear weird, cool, beautiful, strange, sublime, disturbing or inspiring music, do not hesitate to share, invite your friends to like the page, to share the blog, the albums. I don't like to remind it, but you are also the conduit through which the craftsmen of free music can continue their art. I do not get one dollar out of it, I do it for fun, and because of my passion for music, and I will continue to do it, at least until the big crunch takes my computer away...