mercredi 28 août 2013

Skytree & Friends - Treemixes V1

Every human being knows that dubstep is a word that can go along with difficult nights, screwed ears, violently vibrating bowels. That is because, more and more, people tend to use the word "dubstep" for what is in fact "brostep". This wrong usage makes it difficult to find good real free dubstep on the web.

But here completely by chance I came across this release from Skytree, full of his tracks remixed by great artists such as Pericles, Soulacybin, Erothyme, and a lot more. The large majority of the tracks here are good trippy dubstep, the others are full of chilly dubby vibes that you can rely on for your daily daydreaming.

19 tracks, completely free. All donations are transferred to Nature Conservancy, a non-profit environmental association.

Feel free, wipe your feet and enter.

mercredi 21 août 2013

Tom Woxom - Robot

Tom Woxom had got this particular bleepy feeling with 8bit music. The one I am searching for when I think about this kind of sounds. This album feels like a cave of unstained white surfaces full of robots of all kinds and sizes, bleeping at each other in chiptune harmony.

This is the first excellent release I've found on the Da! Heard It netlabel. I'm sure there are more, go check it out ! Download this album (the player will start automatically).

See you in bleep space fellows.

vendredi 16 août 2013

Boogie Belgique - Nightwalkers Vol. 1

I'm very, very far from being a nationalist in any way, but here is a belgolitos guy who's making really good sounds, a little chill, a little hip-hop, a good pinch of swing, full of positive energy.

This music can serve many purposes : making people dance, ease the troubled mind of speed-dazed hardcore-fans, give back a smile to a mourning home, let La Mojoteque use its "groove" tag again, which had lost all its essence. So much spirit.

Download the whole album for free on Dusted Wax Kingdom, then make a lot of space around you, in your room, your living-room, bathroom or garden and press play. The music will take effect immediately, you'll see !

mercredi 14 août 2013

The Jazz Jousters Podcasts

Mixcloud, another great source of free music. Such a variety of mixes, just like a ... Soundcloud... but for mixes, you know ?

And recently, I just found myself (damn, the S key is beginning to lose its grip on the real world) listening to a good deal of beautiful music. Thanks to Millenium Jazz Music, a label based in London and specialised in mixing hip-hop beats with jazzy sonorities, I discovered a great deal of free music, and the best introduction to it seems to be the podcasts made by the Jazz Jousters Gypsy Eyes and Gadget (maybe there are more, you never know with good music...).

In this particular podcast you will find groovy hip-hop and jazzy beats, a pinch of rap, all from talented underground artists whose names you can find in the description of the mix. Some of them have already released free or free-priced music that will eventually end up in my ears and in yours if you're curious enough.

You can, of course, download it for free, by following the link in the description.

Please find enclosed a great evening, I'm having one right now.

dimanche 11 août 2013

Gravitas Recordings

"Gravitas Recordings is a record label and creative collective with the purpose of giving artists and performers a platform to share their work".

That is how they describe their label themselves. When you browse their catalog a little bit, you just have to believe it. Lots of free-priced releases, (yet) totally unknown artists making amazing music in a great variety of styles. Dubstep is particularly present, just so you know.

Quality music, for free. Yes my friend, it is beautiful. So never forget that if you like one of their records, if one of them radically changed to color of your brainwalls or made you tap your feet without control, feel also free to give a little something to these amazing people via the "pay what you want" downloads.

To get a feeling of what they can offer, listen to Somatoast, Jake Scarbrough, Skytree, The OriGinALz, other big free compilations of electronic music.

May the free spirit pat them all in the back !

vendredi 9 août 2013

Mute Speaker - Smart Bomb

The queue of releases to be shared on La Mojoteque is full until september, but sometimes, you know, you come up across something really incredible that tickles your brain cells in such a way that it is impossible to ignore. And this album by Mute Speaker really puts the question mark up to date.

Strange samples, energetic beats, twisted atmosphere, but always mastery, high musical craftsmanship. This is one of these albums which I can listen to an infinity of times in a row.

mercredi 7 août 2013

Somatoast - Withinity

A small release shared today by Whitebear, another very good glitch music producer. Four tracks of delicious glitchy dubby chill music made to activate some neuronal connections that we're not used to feel.

Turn the volume up.

samedi 3 août 2013

Enig'matik Records' Podcasts

Their catalog may not be 100% free, but there are always good things to be found at Enig'matik Records. I just found out about their podcasts, available for free download.
Glitch Chill at its peak.