mercredi 14 août 2013

The Jazz Jousters Podcasts

Mixcloud, another great source of free music. Such a variety of mixes, just like a ... Soundcloud... but for mixes, you know ?

And recently, I just found myself (damn, the S key is beginning to lose its grip on the real world) listening to a good deal of beautiful music. Thanks to Millenium Jazz Music, a label based in London and specialised in mixing hip-hop beats with jazzy sonorities, I discovered a great deal of free music, and the best introduction to it seems to be the podcasts made by the Jazz Jousters Gypsy Eyes and Gadget (maybe there are more, you never know with good music...).

In this particular podcast you will find groovy hip-hop and jazzy beats, a pinch of rap, all from talented underground artists whose names you can find in the description of the mix. Some of them have already released free or free-priced music that will eventually end up in my ears and in yours if you're curious enough.

You can, of course, download it for free, by following the link in the description.

Please find enclosed a great evening, I'm having one right now.

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