mercredi 30 octobre 2013

Globular - Magnitudes of Order

I've discovered Globular with his EP "Colours of the Brainbow" on Ektoplazm, and the track "Seeker" on the "Dub Mates Meeting" compilation, on which it is the most remarkable track by the way, but his music has so much evolved since then, it has become deeper, richer and more complex, I'd say here's Psydub at its peak, and for free.

Isn't life beautiful ?

mercredi 23 octobre 2013

TELEPHOBIA - You Must Feel Strange

Immediate discovery, immediate sharing, TELEPHOBIA's sound is between a sound shrouded in dreams not yet forgotten and something I would not try to define, lest I should be struck by a fractal strike of lightning which sound would echo through ages and dimensions, and as my body would lay transforming into prima materia listening to this incredible music, celestial fishes would come to carry my soul to the netherworld.

Take your time.

samedi 19 octobre 2013

Gummy Soul Records

I talked a bit already about Gummy Soul Records, with albums such as Fela Soul or Sportin' Waves, both of which you would greatly enjoy if you like old-school hip-hop. In fact, Gummy Soul tries to Reinvent the Old-School by taking old classics and giving them a new life through alchemic rituals I won't say I'm familiar with, but certainly would like to. And as I was strolling through their catalog, something struck me as particularly odd, all these records are for free ? Yes they are, I've checked them all and asked the label if it was to stay that way (no answer so far but don't worry, if one of them turns out to the dark side, I'll be sure to delete it). I've listened to a little bit of everything they got, and wanted to share all of it, but I did not want the Hip-Hop tag to be filled with only Gummy Soul releases si I thought why not add one in the Netlabel tag, we all love free netlabels after all. They provide us with good music to ease the pain of drinking coffee in the morning, and we give little something somethings, what we can, to keep them able to keep it coming. So when you see a Gummy Soul release out there making some music for ya, give them a pat on the back, or even better, a donation (I know this word tends to scare people away, but you are not forced to give anything, it is just a way to show your appreciation of these artists' tremendous work).

It's raining free music. It really is.

mercredi 16 octobre 2013

Wally Clark - Sportin' Waves

With rap music, you really never know what you are going to find, especially with free rap music. Sometimes the music is really good but the voice is horrible, sometimes it's the opposite, but there are clear moments of truth and lifelight, when you find yourself in an empty room, listening to a supernaturally good record. Sportin' Waves is one of these, out on the Gummysoul label, keeping up with their series of good artists and albums as ever. I haven't really made contact with them already, but I will, to know if what they have in store will stay free for you and us and them.
Good beats and good flow, nice lyrics, groovy record I'm telling you.

mercredi 9 octobre 2013

Kalpataru Tree - Scattered Fragments of The Eternal Dream

It is strangely easier to write an article in English first, then translate into French.

If you like to travel around the world, maybe you'd like to see it from very far away, to go to outer space and greet people on other planets and still unknown dark and marvelous places. Thanks to Kalpataru Tree, this is now possible, the only thing you need to do is press play and open your ears wide. Of course you will need your personal spaceship, but it can be anything you want around you. So everyone will be able to enjoy a trip around Jupiter. Hope you like it, I'm still listening to it right now, almost impossible not to notice as a major artist on the Psybient scene, that's what I think.


Good morning to all the people following the blog. Things are speeding up these times around. Not only is my stock of free music increasing each day to the point where I don't know if I will have enough space and am thinking of starting a kickstarter project to buy another 2Tb hard drive for all of it, and also to buy the free-priced releases at a higher price (so La Mojoteque could become a real tool for promoting underground artists), but also because more and more people are following what happens here, more than 4000 visits on the blog and 92 followers on the Facebook page, this is really amazing. I've also met a lot of very enthusiastic people whom gave me a lot of advice and the names of pretty neat artists I did not know about before like Pretty Lights, Dirtwire or other compilations full of incredible sounds. I went to the S.U.N Festival, talked a lot about my project with dozens of great persons and had very positive feedback, gave some visit cards that had (I think their small effect) However I am still working on it with a friend to render them easier to understand and clearer to everybody.

This website is about sharing, so if you like it, if you're keen about sharing or if you found something on La Mojoteque that either changed your way of considering music or added a little something to your musical library, then feel free to share it to the people you know that are curious about music. Because if this is about sharing, it is also about being curious. There were positive encounters, but also people that were so closed inside that they did not even want to consider the idea of free music. For them, if it is free, then it's not worth listening to. I'd say it's quite the opposite, don't you think ?

samedi 5 octobre 2013

Kinack - Ondas

I had discovered Kinack a long time ago, when I still had the need to browse Bandcamp tags to find the free music, before it came to me by itself, so it was high time I shared his album Ondas, that is a free-priced album of 14 tracks of pure downtempo chill delight. Among his influences, Kinack mentions Bonobo and Emancipator, and while these influences are evident through the album, they only give more richness and feeling to a music that is already full of thought and power.

Beautiful chill music for urgent delivery, please sign here.

mercredi 2 octobre 2013

Crazy Fingers (Somatoast) - Liberation Through Hearing

Thanks to himself, I have discovered one of Somatoast's earlier works, when his pseudonym was Crazy Fingers. This EP is influenced by the tibetan book of the dead, the Bardo Thodol, and each track corresponds to a particular passage of this book.
This music is a trippy blend of glitch dub and waves of psychedelic chilling energy.
Let us say that four tracks is enough to get on the blog, any release with a lower number of tracks will get shared on the Facebook page, to which I encourage you to subscribe, if you want  to get access to a wider range of free music styles, as well as an easier way to share and comment.

Love from the stars