samedi 19 octobre 2013

Gummy Soul Records

I talked a bit already about Gummy Soul Records, with albums such as Fela Soul or Sportin' Waves, both of which you would greatly enjoy if you like old-school hip-hop. In fact, Gummy Soul tries to Reinvent the Old-School by taking old classics and giving them a new life through alchemic rituals I won't say I'm familiar with, but certainly would like to. And as I was strolling through their catalog, something struck me as particularly odd, all these records are for free ? Yes they are, I've checked them all and asked the label if it was to stay that way (no answer so far but don't worry, if one of them turns out to the dark side, I'll be sure to delete it). I've listened to a little bit of everything they got, and wanted to share all of it, but I did not want the Hip-Hop tag to be filled with only Gummy Soul releases si I thought why not add one in the Netlabel tag, we all love free netlabels after all. They provide us with good music to ease the pain of drinking coffee in the morning, and we give little something somethings, what we can, to keep them able to keep it coming. So when you see a Gummy Soul release out there making some music for ya, give them a pat on the back, or even better, a donation (I know this word tends to scare people away, but you are not forced to give anything, it is just a way to show your appreciation of these artists' tremendous work).

It's raining free music. It really is.

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