mercredi 9 octobre 2013


Good morning to all the people following the blog. Things are speeding up these times around. Not only is my stock of free music increasing each day to the point where I don't know if I will have enough space and am thinking of starting a kickstarter project to buy another 2Tb hard drive for all of it, and also to buy the free-priced releases at a higher price (so La Mojoteque could become a real tool for promoting underground artists), but also because more and more people are following what happens here, more than 4000 visits on the blog and 92 followers on the Facebook page, this is really amazing. I've also met a lot of very enthusiastic people whom gave me a lot of advice and the names of pretty neat artists I did not know about before like Pretty Lights, Dirtwire or other compilations full of incredible sounds. I went to the S.U.N Festival, talked a lot about my project with dozens of great persons and had very positive feedback, gave some visit cards that had (I think their small effect) However I am still working on it with a friend to render them easier to understand and clearer to everybody.

This website is about sharing, so if you like it, if you're keen about sharing or if you found something on La Mojoteque that either changed your way of considering music or added a little something to your musical library, then feel free to share it to the people you know that are curious about music. Because if this is about sharing, it is also about being curious. There were positive encounters, but also people that were so closed inside that they did not even want to consider the idea of free music. For them, if it is free, then it's not worth listening to. I'd say it's quite the opposite, don't you think ?

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