mercredi 29 avril 2015

PERTURBATOR - Dangerous Days

I must admit, when I first saw this album's cover, I thought I was going to listen to some kind of power metal music with screaming guitars and a hammering double-kick. And indeed the intro made me think about those synth build-ups you can find in Iron Maiden or Black Sabbath before epic songs. I was really surprised when I heard old-school electro afterwards. Surprised in a good way mind you.

Fast-paced, powerful, PERTURBATOR's music takes you to a far away (but closer each second) time, in 2088, when a supercomputer named after the fallen angel Satan decides to eradicate each trace of the human race by sending an army of killerbots and fearsome succubi.

And you thought you were just going to enjoy listening to a good album ! Well now you are deep into this dark reality, you are half-human and half-machine, you embody the night, the war against machines, and you want to exact revenge on those responsible for your unnatural transformation.

Sorry, eh, I'm not saying it, he does. In fact, PERTURBATOR is a bit of the epic metal spirit in the body of a machine, in fact...

mercredi 15 avril 2015

PEGA5U5 - The Flock

It's been a while since I wanted to share this album, but each time I try I just cannot write anything because it's so peculiar and slips off my mind like a greasy weasel. Let's just say what's what : PEGA5U5 is the union of a glitch music producer (Mr. Rogers) and a rapper (Pharroh) who let themselves get carried away with what they do best on nine tracks. The first lies down squelchy whirly beats while the latter takes rhymes out of his lunchbox and makes them dance all around these crazy musical mad experiments.

I never tire of listening to this one, and that says a lot. A really surprising and enjoyable (like, really, man, totally really).


mercredi 8 avril 2015

Brain Pyramid - Chasma Hideout

Brain Pyramid is everything we like in Stoner Metal, big heavy guitars that know how to groove, that sometimes jump over a desertic horizon, under a searing sun.

You find yourself caught in a psychonaut biker gang war and the only thing you have to defend yourself is your force of will and the very ancient beer glass that has been passed on from generation to generation in your family.

An excellent album that embodies perfectly the rock'n'roll side of Stoner.

mercredi 1 avril 2015

Sint - Zonmist

A little bit more Braindance to make our neurons jiggle and twiggle. Braindance is a mix of old-school electro and ambient with sweet analog synths and ambient, on which insectoid robotic rhythms are crawling in rapid cadence. Sint really puts those rhytmic ants in a frenzy in Zonmist, probably one of the best braindance albums I've ever had the chance to listen to.

Zonmist is produced by the Recycled Plastics netlabel (of which I will talk a bit further, later, in the Netlabel section) which is composed by specialists of old school electronic music. There are plenty of free-priced albums to hunt there, so stay curious and try !