mercredi 29 avril 2015

PERTURBATOR - Dangerous Days

I must admit, when I first saw this album's cover, I thought I was going to listen to some kind of power metal music with screaming guitars and a hammering double-kick. And indeed the intro made me think about those synth build-ups you can find in Iron Maiden or Black Sabbath before epic songs. I was really surprised when I heard old-school electro afterwards. Surprised in a good way mind you.

Fast-paced, powerful, PERTURBATOR's music takes you to a far away (but closer each second) time, in 2088, when a supercomputer named after the fallen angel Satan decides to eradicate each trace of the human race by sending an army of killerbots and fearsome succubi.

And you thought you were just going to enjoy listening to a good album ! Well now you are deep into this dark reality, you are half-human and half-machine, you embody the night, the war against machines, and you want to exact revenge on those responsible for your unnatural transformation.

Sorry, eh, I'm not saying it, he does. In fact, PERTURBATOR is a bit of the epic metal spirit in the body of a machine, in fact...

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