samedi 28 septembre 2013

Erothyme - Empathic Circuitry

I was already used to Erothyme's creativity and capacity to make machines talk in such a way that human cells cannot stay indifferent to their tales, but this time he decided to band with some talented friends to change from his usual glitchy energised rhythm. As he says himself : "These are love songs; they are messy and beautiful. As such, they are not so different from you and I" So, this time we do not find ourselves piloting a rebel spaceship searching for the fleeting heart of the universe, pouring through each and every pore of the dark matter, but in a cosmic cradle engraved with vegetal interlaced forms. Yesterday I put this album and lied down on the couch (what does that mean ?) to dream a bit. The effect, I can assure you, was immediate, and I knew I had to share this amazing set of songs to all of you. Blending electro, funk, glitch and chill, Empathic Circuitry is one of the greatest albums I ever had to listen to. I encourage every person with a beating heart and working pairs of lungs and ears to listen to it and to give a little something to the artist to show their appreciation of the free culture and of its gifts to ours.

samedi 21 septembre 2013

My mixes

I always wanted to enter the world of music in any way, but I did not know where to begin. I had met this guy in Berlin who said to me "DJing is easy, you just need to listen to lots and lots of music, then the rest will appear clearly before you", That's what I would also say to any would-be DJ, it is quite easy when you begin to possess a large stock of music to mix together. I create mixes with the free music that anyone can find on this blog to have another means of sharing it. I hope it works well, there are two mixes already : Arctique that would fit in the Chill Onirique Sections perfectly, and Laboratoire Intraplanaire that is mostly psybient, psytech and deep-trance. I use french names because everybody in the world is using english ones. hope you enjoy what you hear, and of course each time there is a tracklist and all the links you need to get the free tunes I used.

Here is the Link to my Mixcloud

mercredi 18 septembre 2013

The Bear and The Sea - Trees Like You

Back in the saddle after a month of being at the hospital due to my stupidity alone, and just in time, as Dirtwire was the very last album I had scheduled before the accident. So, let us proceed :
To anyone out there, young and old, who likes dreamy ambient music, strange atmospheres and emotions woven into sound, listen to this album and you won't be disappointed. This debut album is crawling with beautiful experimentations, which feel like setting foot on the north pole and realising it is covered with giant polyhedrons.

mercredi 11 septembre 2013

Dirtwire - Dirtwire

Another great discovery by Raphzor, this is a perfect blend of folk instrumentation and electronic meddling. Every track shifts in atmosphere and rhythm, but you will always find these raw violin and guitar sounds, giving an authentic feeling to the whole. "The result is a rebirth of Americana and beacon for a post-millennial return to downhome goodness", as they would say themselves.

The list is becoming long. I am wondering at how I could get it easier for everyone to find his/her way through all this music. If anything, remember this, when you see a deer on the cover of a release, it is usually good music, no matter the genre.

Chiirz music lovers, see you soon.

mercredi 4 septembre 2013

Chiptunes = WIN: Volume 2

I was planning on progressively creating a 8-bit music playlist, and make it available once it had about twenty tracks to listen to. But it seems I could just put all the songs from this compilation on my playlist, because it is really, yes, it really is one of the most incredible Chiptunes compilation I have ever given to my ears.

There is a little bit of everything you might like in 8-bit, bouncy rhythm, epic final boss could-be soundtracks, songs done entirely with samples from Megaman X.

I must thank Kubbi for sharing it. This really embodies the spirit of Chiptunes, fun, power, and musical maestria.

Still listening to it, my bedroom's walls are beginning to crack open. What to do my friend ? Turn the volume up !