mercredi 30 décembre 2015

Fellwoods - Wulfram

This album's cover has been my desktop wallpaper for so long... But why the hell didn't I post it here in the first place ?

It is a wrong I'll try to right, today. I love the sound of this album, like a colony of ants where the ants are small but very talented rock bands. This quatuor from Portland, Oregon gives us their own particular blend of psych-rock with a touch of metallic scent and a hint of garage.

Enjoyably nervous, entirely filled with rock'n'roll, Wulfram takes its roots in a strange mystical universe where druids can shapeshift and speak to animals during blood moons, an atmosphere that reminds me of old-school metal albums from the 60's and 70's. Just add some flaming guitar licks and the voice of the lich king's cousin and there you have it.

I'll let you try yourself.

See you around.

mercredi 23 décembre 2015

Vejopatis - Anafielas

Winter is here, and bizarrely with it, the need to chill.

Either you roll yourself in the snow (if you have some, which I guess I don't) or you listen to a good album... And what luck ! I might just have the kind of album chilly people would like ! A treat from Cold Tear Records, a netlabel that wants all that's good for you. Dubby rhythms, slow moving basslines and dreamy synths, all playing together to relax your nerves and allow the brain to rest a bit, not thinking about anything but the snowy peaks, yetis playing cards and other stuff like that...

Get the album by following this link and click on download from if you want the mp3 for free, or buy it on Bandcamp to get the lossless format.

mercredi 16 décembre 2015

B.B. and The Underground Kingz - The Trill is Gone

Through the "Collaborations that never were" project, the producer Amerigo Gazaway create opportunities for living artists to work together with passed away legends of music. The alive meets the dead, the grandchildren play with the grandparents. I already loved and spoke about Fela Soul, the album blending the music of De La Soul and Fela Kuti, and the dyptich The Departure (currently unavailable because of rights issues) and The Return, featuring the sound of Mos Def and Marvin Gaye.

Here is something new, the merging of two musical genres I'd never thought I'd see getting along together so well : blues and hip-hop. Specifically, the music of B.B. King and his legendary guitar Lucille; and The Underground Kingz, Texas rap stars. Here and there you'll find feats from Eric Clapton, Outkast or Ludacris, the whole in a very relaxed bluesy while upbeat atmosphere.

As always available as completely free downloads, the albums produced by Amerigo Gazaway are really worth opening one or two ears wide to listen closely to what they have to offer.

mercredi 9 décembre 2015

Kratos Himself - A Town Called Imaginarium

Here we are again in the vast land of dreams with another talented producer who draws inspiration from visions, waking nights and psychedelic experimentations.

While listening to this album, you really feel that you're entering a town called Imaginarium where everything isn't quite what it seems. Where everything is something more. You just have to lift the veil a little to see all things in a different way.

You can also do so by pressing play.

See you in another dimension.

mercredi 2 décembre 2015

Miori - I Have no Memory of This Place

I regularly have the same waking dream. Waking, because too beautiful to be had while sleeping. In that dream, I find myself staring at a never ending setting sun over a frozen sea. Sometimes I sit on a tree stump, sometimes on a pile of sand, sometimes on a wooden chair, but the atmosphere is still the same, soothing and out of reach.

Some places, some music are able to trigger these dreamy feelings, of a completely soothed soul. Nothing to search for, nothing to worry about. Just bliss. This album from Miori contains this kind of music.

I hope it will make you dream too.

mercredi 25 novembre 2015

Sonopictorial - Macrosketching

You like psytrance ? You do ? Me too ! You know, I think that, maybe, everybody actually does like psytrance but some are afraid of what they could find inside... Just maybe...

It's been a while since I wanted to post this album. There are lots and lots of psytrance albums, the richest are usually compilations with different styles and subgenres, but when you find an album from one artist with a style that won't bore you even after dozens of listenings, you know you've found something exceptional.

Sonopictorial's music is upbeat, progressive and bouncy, taking its time to travel through the galaxy.

And yes, it's possible to spend days on Ektoplazm listening to album after album to find small treasures like this one that spend their time waiting for us to lend an attentive ear.

So let's do this, download this album on Ektoplazm if you want to get it for free, or go through Bandcamp if you want to give a little something.

mercredi 18 novembre 2015

VA - Down The Fractal Dimension

If you love those hour-long psybient/psydub compilations containing lots of tracks from various artists as much as I do (and I bet you do), you will have the sudden need to download this one and put it in good place in your "must listen daily" folder.

This release is the result of two Greek netlabels, Irrespective Music Minds and Liquid Seed, colliding into one musical rimless cube of psychedelic dark matter. Ten tracks worth of psybient and psydub.

You can get the album on Ektoplazm.
Feel free, feel the music.

mercredi 11 novembre 2015

The Active Listener - The First Acid Folk Sampler

Here's a compilation that goes really well with the present season. The middle of autumn, leaves falling, beautiful colors, mushrooms popping up everywhere. Time to get the cows in the barn and to listen to a bit of acid-folk.

Acid-folk ? Well it's a blend of musical influences between folk and psychedelic rock. As always, the frontier between those musical styles is very blurry, and we like it that way don't we ? Everything does not hinges on the chords and rhythms used.

A great deal of what defines a music genre also rests on the attitude of the band (during live performances for example), on the lyrics, the influences, the references and the choice of the instruments used (the mellotron is typical of progressive and psychedelic rock, for instance).

What The Active Listener gives to us once more here is a compilation of a great number of quality, whimsical dreamy tracks, in a very specific style.

May they live long and prosper.

mercredi 4 novembre 2015

Lemon Future - Tin Man

On the Keats Collective netlabel, you can find a bit of everything. And sometimes things so unusual that you don't even know how to tag them to be sure people can find them or know what you mean, well... you know what I mean.

Future Lemon's Tin Man is going in all directions. It will soothe some people, some other will dance, other will just, you know, chill. Prickly beats, synth waves standing between the sublime and the kitsch, it reminds me of a distant past when I used to listen only that kind of music, when I was a little cake.

Be sure to give it two or three chances. At first I wasn't really convinced that it was that good, but now that I've listened to the whole release three or four times, I love it.

Believe, I do.

samedi 31 octobre 2015

The Stormalongs - Scherzophrenic

Remember The Stormalongs ?
I've talked about them before with the album They Call Me Destruction. Well here they are back again with another, still a bit short (and when it's good it's even shorter) but a well-crafted blend of crunchy garage-indie rock with a bluesy atmosphere that peeks out its head here and there.

Very good rock'n'roll release if you ask me. And free-priced above all. As I would advise with all the young bands that make free-priced releases, give a little something, even if it's not much, every little bit helps them making more music in the future and keeping it free of the fetters of big labels.

I'll leave you with them now, good listening.

mercredi 28 octobre 2015

Panda Dub - Psychotic Symphony

Look ! Listen ! This album from Panda Dub is all you ever wanted to end the day with a smile on your lips. In truth be told.

Intelligent rhythms (and they have feelings too), beautiful instrumentals resting on powerful basslines gently tearing the walls apart, a perfect blend of psy and dub, almost an epitome that you can show to your heathen friends asking "psidob ? wadesda psidob ?"

Let yourself go, forget drugs and alcohol. Bask in Panda Dub's enchanting music from beginning to end.

Cya, lol.

mercredi 21 octobre 2015

Trippy Wicked and the Cosmic Children of the Knight - Going Home

All we like in stoner metal is contained in this full-length album, big fat saturated guitars, wall-shaking rhythms, voices from above and below, and a big dose of booze. Here's what to listen to today.

It's simply one of the best free metal albums I've ever listened to (yeah I know I say that each time, but it gets truer and truer). Let's only say that it will blow your mind, cut your firewood and possibly tear down the foundations of your house.

A nice album to illustrate this month of october, which I imagine is really heavy, and needs a couple bottles thrown in its face

mercredi 14 octobre 2015

Mishigami - Tape C

Tape C is the debut album by Mishigami, aka Miles Coleman, classically trained pianist playing with rhythm boxes and synthesizers to create dreamy and efficient combinations. Five little tracks, a bit too few some would say, but to me, already kind of a sonic jewel. Melodies that will take you up in the clouds, vibrating basslines, a series of masterpieces of enjoyable apparent simplicity.

Out at  Young Heavy Souls, a very young artist collective among which I can only entice you to search for more.

Good listening !

mercredi 7 octobre 2015

Kalya Scintilla - Beginnings

This album is a collection of tracks that Kalya Scintilla composed between 2007 and 2008. A fast-growing production that takes us into dark mysterious swamps where pelt-clad shamans join us with their strange musical instruments to visit our most ancient and future brain convolutions.

To describe Kalya Scintilla's style, you'd need whole new word, so I took the word "swamp" that (I guess) Basilisk from Ektoplazm coined. It describes a darker and more organic aspect of psychill, a word that perfectly describes the atmosphere you can feel throughout this album, with a bit of psystep here and there.

It never gets old, and probably never will.

mercredi 30 septembre 2015

Minimal Boffin - Averment

Let us end this poor and hated month of september with a bit of what gave its name to La Mojoteque, Mojo-Tech. Picture yourself on a beautiful beach, being grilled by the sun like a thrice-peppered soy-sausage, facing a lake which acts as a mirror for the sky on fire. Calm and relaxed, surrounded by enormous loudpseakers with a bass sound of sismic scale, you listen to Minimal Boffin.

There's an album that will please all the dub-tech and deep-tech lovers, the kind of music that resonates gently in the soul and makes you dance to the rhythm of the slow heartbeat of a giant with sand in your shoes (but not too much) and sun, lots and lots of sun ! Thanks to Cold Tear Records for the quality of every beat of music they release

You can buy the album on Bandcamp in mp3 or lossless format, or you can download it for free via Cold Tear's website. Good listening !

mercredi 23 septembre 2015

Rec_Overflow - Unemployed

If you're in the mood for a really peculiar kind of album, if you'd like a trip down the last pit of hell and back to the shimmering silver linings of the clouds, watching cyber-meadows down below with eagle eyes, then you'll probably like to listen to Unemployed by Rec_Overflow, an album that goes where you wouldn't think it would, tinkering with the styles that you already know to take them to new heights and depths. From dubstep, gloomy electronic music to chillstep and onirique chill, then back to acid electro and otherwise underground techno.

Out at Crazy Language Records, Unemployed can also be enjoyed by people who have a job, but I must warn you that, being this special, it won't please everyone at first. So let us pause a moment before we press play to concentrate a bit, and then...

mercredi 16 septembre 2015

Kill Emil - Lights & Shadows

I learnt Kill Emil's existence thanks to Cédric, who's been following La Mojoteque for a while now. Yeah, thank you man for making my hard drive and brain yet again overflow with excellent music !

Kill Emil comes from Greece. A sign that even the worst of crises and political fuss cannot kill art, free art, art for art ! They can throw missiles, arm soldiers, destroy the meaning and value of money, art will rise above again and again !

Situated between a groovy swingy electrochill and the most "street music by night" urban chill you can find, Kill Emil succeeds in not going too far in those two styles and creating his own, which you're about to discover (if you didn't already).

I'll leave you now to listen to Lights & Shadows, a terrific album from the far away time of 2014...

And remember, one part rice, two parts water.

mercredi 9 septembre 2015

Orloc - YOAKE

Do you know what chillbit is ? Yes you remember, remember ? It's a bit of chill, a bit of 8-bit, blended together like a smooth paste of square roots, atoms and pieces of crystal, hold together by the magical force of atomic gravitation into space.

8bitpeoples is a great place to find new music. While Chiptunes = WIN focuses of the jumpy dancy part of chiptunes (and we do like it, a lot), you find a great diversity of styles and subgenres at 8bitpeoples, as you will hear when listening to this release by Orloc.

She really brings 8-bit into and from the dream world.

Get it by following this link.

Listen :

samedi 5 septembre 2015

Electrocado - Scribble

Electrocado is one of the very first great names I've discovered when I began my never-ending quest for free music. Now, after a brief pause of about three years, Mr Bill and Ryanosaurus, great masters of glitch, psytrance and minced beats, return with Scribble, an album so good that I just cannot wait until next wednesday to post an article about it.

Scribble, I think, will pique the curiosity and pineal glands of all those who love electronic music on this planet, because there are so many genres that are present and accounted for (sir !), ranging from glitch-hop and psytrance to technoïd beats, all of it processed through a giant blender to create a true musical guacamole, which renders this album impossible to classify, for the best.

So yeah, Electro because it's elecrifying, Glitch because it's mostly glitchy in the atmosphere, and Groove because it's totally groovy.

You'll see, let yourself go.

And now, le kiss goodbye.

mercredi 2 septembre 2015

Various Artists - Marijuanaut Vol. I

Drug culture it seems, can give many spirits a good deal of great ideas. The italians of the webzine Doomabbestia,  with the help of their friends from The Smoking Goat Records, present us with the first volume of Marijuanaut, a compilation meant to gather all the best contemporary italian doom metal and heavy psych.

In two CDs, this compilation goes through the obscure realms of metal, be it doom, stoner of psych, you name it. They have the heavy in common, you'll hear.

As far as I'm concerned, it's the instrumentals that really got me hooked. Those musicians let themselves go with all the lyrical heaviness they have, to embroider the guttural nightmarish screams which the connoisseurs will enjoy in the proper way.

mercredi 26 août 2015

The Stormalongs - ...they call me Destruction

Rock is dead, long live Rock !

The Stormalongs is a canadian band hailing from Toronto, who puts back the fiery fire in the flame of rock, a music that is here sometimes fast-paced, sometimes calmer, with obscure poetic lyrics that you don't always have to listen to or understand to feel the music. Vocals are, after all, an instrument among the others.

See what happens when you look for free rock music on the Internet ? And there's more... I can feel it.

mercredi 19 août 2015

VA - Sacral Fractal

One of those compilations of psybient, psychill, psybient... Well, you know, everything that's calm and soothing and that begins with "psy". Compiled by Gliese 581C, a russian label on which started some great artists like HelixNebula (also known as MentalImage when he chills out a bit) and Globular.

Listen without moderation, and get it by following this link, also consider a little donation to the artists.

mercredi 12 août 2015

Soulular - AWAKE

Laugh, Quartz. Awake, Goddess. Listen, I am Time.
The tracks from this album look like one of those weird sentences you hear in your dreams, just before waking, which you try to decipher all day long, not knowing how or why.

I discovered Soulular's music before La Mojoteque even existed, with the album Thoughts Float, and the least I can say is that his style really evolved, while remaining balanced and constant, keeping his most soulularesque touch that you can recognize by broken voices, slow rhythms rising through time and space, and a deep electric calm atmosphere.

Listening to soulular is like diving in a sea of liquid which has electrolytes.

mercredi 5 août 2015

Michael Garfield - The Good Old Days: Adventures in Live Looping

You remember that moment when you came home, you did not know what time it was, it was a bit dark already, you were a little tired but you didn't know why ?

That moment where everything was a bit blurry, where the sofa was so welcoming with open arms, whispering "come, only I truly understand you", that kind of moment, do you remember ?

Well that was the perfect moment to press play and listen to a bit of Michael Garfield's music. This album is his own very best of from albums and lives from 2011 to 2014. A calm and soothing music for wandering spirits in want of a cool breeze.

Michael Garfield is a talented guitarist and tinkers in electronic music. Using pedals, effects and rhythm boxes while playing his trustworthy guitar, he carves instrumentals which he uses to create complete compositions. Often present in festivals of the psychedelic culture and nature, Michael Garfield is best known for his intimist live sets where he performs on small stages and often chats with the audience. Best seen live then, just as any good instrumental performer, but this album will give you a good idea of what you will hear there, as well as providing you with 27 tracks of guitar instrumentals blended with electronic elements. Sometimes relaxing, sometimes vibrating and psych.

Good listening.

mercredi 29 juillet 2015

The BenchWarmers Clique - The Ugly

This unbearable cover bears well its name. I guess the Benchwarmers do not lack humor at all. And their music is in fact far from ugly, more like old-school hip-hop sprinkled with old tv shows extracts and epic sentences from the sixth dimension. Moving, grooving, booming.

Relax, it's only hip-hop.

mercredi 22 juillet 2015

Auditive Escape - Auditive Escape

Have you ever thought of a particular artist whose work, whose every single piece you always really like, without any exception, a painter whose paintings you cannot stop looking at, a band whose music you never tire to listen to ?

Well I'm having this kind of issue with Auditive Escape's music. Actually I think I'm going to put all his discography on the blog. It will be the case one day, because each of his albums is such a pure concentrate of dreamy chillcore vibrating through moved air molecules. That is what you can find in the first eponymous album by Auditive Escape, to which I had never listened until today, shame on me. Do not hesitate to take a listen at his other pieces, but in any case, they will end here eventually.

Good listening to you all

Peace and lord.

mercredi 15 juillet 2015

Civilian Sol - When Tomorrow Comes

Now here's a curious mix laid here by Civilian Sol, a hybrid of glitch-hop, soul and funk. The latest technology playing rock paper scissors with its grand-grand-grandmother, translated into music.

Alternating between relaxing tunes and pulsing bass and catchy rhythms, mixing musical genres that you wouldn't have believed was possible, released at the trustworthy Gravitas Records, When Tomorrow Comes, gives a storm of sonorities that will either please or offend everyone in an enjoyable way.

Doing it right again folks !

mercredi 8 juillet 2015

Across Tundras - Electric Relics

Across Tundras hails from Nashville, Tennessee, cradle of the boogie and country music. You can feel subtle influences of these genres on their music, which is more out of the psychedelic rock world, with sometimes a very enjoyable heaviness.

There's a bit of Black Sabbath, a bit of je ne sais quoi, but above all their own proper style, which creates images such as a long road under the burning sun, clouds of dust, tumbleweeds rolling and tumbling, a smell of rolled cigarettes and spilled whiskey glasses, minus the glass shards.

My sincere salutations,

Your much obliged host.

mercredi 1 juillet 2015

J. Vibes - Late Night Soul

Let's start this sweet month of July with an album that is short but sizeable. With a simple but effective chill sound. I hope it's as sunny as I'd hoped. Well, right now there is a storm outside, and listening to this music in the mean time is just perfect.

J. Vibes produces a music influenced by jazz, hip-hop and soul, a very nice discovery I've made in a place I rarely go to, Bandcamp's homepage, you never know...

This album has been released on the Expansions Collective label from the UK. Another good name to remember. Free music never ends.

mercredi 24 juin 2015

Bustre - This One's For You

This sublime release does not pretend changing anything in the peaceful world of chill music, but merely adding its small contribution to it, because there is never enough.
Beautiful atmospheres, slow rhythms caressing your weary brain cells, nostalgic melodies from outer-space.

Here's the ideal way to lower your tension to a normal level.

Take your time to listen to each track closely.

With a cat on your knees, it's even more effective !

mercredi 17 juin 2015

Le Matin - Le Martin

Le Martin is a really weird album. It is quite an epitome of the kind of music you can find on the  Da! Heard It Records label. Dark melodies, electro braindance rhythms discussing chit chat and whatnot with each other, and in the back of the sound, strange lyrics, a little gloomy but quite funny (if you understand french, that is), they fit well in the general composition.

An album that you listen to in its entirety, without hitting the pause button, with wide open ears to be sure to gather a maximum of the strange sludge that sips through its cracks.

You'll see, it's a bit peculiar but after all, it's only spiritual music made of electricity.

Download the album by following this link.

jeudi 11 juin 2015

The Freak Fandango Orchestra - Wild Goats and Useless Heroes

This album reminds me of the sweet early 2000's, when every single concert or festival had a carnivalesque fanfare band playing this kind of music, with planturous women, big bearded weirdos and desert-dry jugglers.

The Freak Fandango Orchestra, let's shorten to TFFO comes from Spain and plays some kind of ska with hints of gypsy and folkish music that will make everybody dance, even those who aren't desert-dry or planturous.

Now yes, it happened in the past that I said I hated ska music. And to those who would remind me of that I would answer yes indeed, but not this time.

See you later ! Don't forget to open your ears and to press play.

mercredi 3 juin 2015

Jenova 7 & Mr. Moods - Time Travellers II

Welcome to the month of june, that means the end of school, success, failure, change, revolving doors, sun and... well, music.

I suggest we begin this sunny month with an album that we'll listen best while this troublesome gigantic ball of fire sets and lets nocturnal beings get out of their lair to listen to subtle rhythms, groovy flying saxophone solos and samples out of nowhere, on a long chair or not, with or without a glass of wine or a white beer with lemon at hand's reach.

Jenova 7 and Mr. Moods are artists of exception, especially in the world of chill music. Always meaning quality, you can just listen to everything they do and never get bored nor disappointed. You can go with eyes closed, to be sure, it's even better !

See you then.

mercredi 27 mai 2015

Totem Provoc - Totem Provoc

When I discovered this album, I thought it was going to be some kind of unbearable french punk-rock, but it is fact a band hailing from Brazil that produces a blend of hard electro-rock with sometimes a little punkish aspect. The whole resembles a mix between PERTURBATOR and fast-paced hard rock that can be (gently) agressive sometimes.

There is very few info on their page, and their latest album was released back in 2013 but, well, you never know with music. The flame might just burn again sometimes. I'm keeping myself up to date and I'll keep you posted.

Until then, it's time to press play. See you !

mardi 26 mai 2015

Kognitif - Soul Food

I have been honored with the opportunity to listen and download the brand new album from Kognitif in avant-première. I felt a genuine pleasure which has shaken my transdimensional ego. Then I listened to the album in question, which is just out of the oven today as you are reading this.

Okay so, for those who already know Kognitif and his music a bit, believe me when I say you won't be disappointed. For those who don't, prepare a little space in your top five for one of the best albums of the year.

Inventive, joyful, it's still the groovy trip-hop of before, sometimes catchy and dancefloor-friendly. Sometimes more downtempo, with multiple influences, a little less melancholic and deep than its two predecessors, if they really must be compared. While you're at it you can also listen (or listen again) to  Monometric and My Space World, two jewels of contemporary trip-hop.

Soul food is proof (if any was needed) that free music has still years and years of existence ahead of itself. Where else would you find a 15-tracks album with a constant quality, without fillers, no bullshit, no flaws, for a price that you can name ?

Ladies and gentlemen, artists, producers, fans and managers, please continue sending me music in direct multilobe cerebral perfusion and I will very gladly tell you what I think about it in a lenghty article, and share it with the greatest number of people I can.

mercredi 20 mai 2015

Tetrafusion - Horizons

Proof that there is always more good progressive metal to find on the web, and that it is even free sometimes, Tetrafusion gives us a taste of their sound with this EP where influences from the great names of the genre are palpable, with a touch of originality, guitar-screaming solos, alternation between fast and slow rhythms, between major and minor chords, ... Well, maybe I'm going a little too far.

As ever, an excellent album (yes I'm also doing my own promo on my own blog), long for an EP but that is for the best ! You just have to press play now, and I will go search their music for more.

Good listening !

mercredi 13 mai 2015

Murmures Barbares - Murmures Barbares

De kleine Kornzor said to me there was a small hip-hop gig in Brussels that night, guys from Switzerland. I couldn't stay very long but still had the time to appreciate the music, and was instantly hooked. A french spoken hip-hop with poetic lyrics sometimes hard, sometimes gloomy, well I guess you'd have to understand French. But the music in itself is also excellent. Electronic melodies, groovy beats and samples from another time. A music that will please rap lovers. And I had for once the opportunity to buy a free-priced album in physical format.

And they are even better live. If you get the chance to see them on a small stage, where hip-hop renders best, do not hesitate to go.

And I used to never listen to "french" rap...

mercredi 6 mai 2015

Lunar Dawn - Kolovrat

Ektoplazm is such a great place for weird people who love music genres beginning with "psy" in general. You just have to listen to a few tracks on one or two albums to find some precious jewels.

Lunar Dawn takes inspiration in the traditional slavic folklore to produce goa music that wigglewaggles and makes your brain vibrate and your neurons chant. It feels good, it moves fast, it laserizes. Well, it's good for you.

The cosmic ballet is in place. Download the album on Ektoplazm by following this link.

mercredi 29 avril 2015

PERTURBATOR - Dangerous Days

I must admit, when I first saw this album's cover, I thought I was going to listen to some kind of power metal music with screaming guitars and a hammering double-kick. And indeed the intro made me think about those synth build-ups you can find in Iron Maiden or Black Sabbath before epic songs. I was really surprised when I heard old-school electro afterwards. Surprised in a good way mind you.

Fast-paced, powerful, PERTURBATOR's music takes you to a far away (but closer each second) time, in 2088, when a supercomputer named after the fallen angel Satan decides to eradicate each trace of the human race by sending an army of killerbots and fearsome succubi.

And you thought you were just going to enjoy listening to a good album ! Well now you are deep into this dark reality, you are half-human and half-machine, you embody the night, the war against machines, and you want to exact revenge on those responsible for your unnatural transformation.

Sorry, eh, I'm not saying it, he does. In fact, PERTURBATOR is a bit of the epic metal spirit in the body of a machine, in fact...

mercredi 15 avril 2015

PEGA5U5 - The Flock

It's been a while since I wanted to share this album, but each time I try I just cannot write anything because it's so peculiar and slips off my mind like a greasy weasel. Let's just say what's what : PEGA5U5 is the union of a glitch music producer (Mr. Rogers) and a rapper (Pharroh) who let themselves get carried away with what they do best on nine tracks. The first lies down squelchy whirly beats while the latter takes rhymes out of his lunchbox and makes them dance all around these crazy musical mad experiments.

I never tire of listening to this one, and that says a lot. A really surprising and enjoyable (like, really, man, totally really).


mercredi 8 avril 2015

Brain Pyramid - Chasma Hideout

Brain Pyramid is everything we like in Stoner Metal, big heavy guitars that know how to groove, that sometimes jump over a desertic horizon, under a searing sun.

You find yourself caught in a psychonaut biker gang war and the only thing you have to defend yourself is your force of will and the very ancient beer glass that has been passed on from generation to generation in your family.

An excellent album that embodies perfectly the rock'n'roll side of Stoner.

mercredi 1 avril 2015

Sint - Zonmist

A little bit more Braindance to make our neurons jiggle and twiggle. Braindance is a mix of old-school electro and ambient with sweet analog synths and ambient, on which insectoid robotic rhythms are crawling in rapid cadence. Sint really puts those rhytmic ants in a frenzy in Zonmist, probably one of the best braindance albums I've ever had the chance to listen to.

Zonmist is produced by the Recycled Plastics netlabel (of which I will talk a bit further, later, in the Netlabel section) which is composed by specialists of old school electronic music. There are plenty of free-priced albums to hunt there, so stay curious and try !

mercredi 25 mars 2015

Spintronic - Llamas Love Gameboy Too

I'm sharing a very old find today, one I found during my ultra8bit phase way before La Mojoteque ever became an idea. I did not even know his music was free, it was in some sort of chiptune music collection that I downloaded. Groovy bouncy moving 8bit sound made with an old device, LSDJ that would enable you to produce music directly with your Game Boy, good old days.

Spintronic is not producing any more music for the moment, but I guess there is always the time for a comeback. It would be great to hear more of his style that is particularly bouncy, I guess that is the word that describes it best. The website on which his music was shared, Chiptunes Headbangers, is currently down and will probably stay like that, but it is still possible to get all the music there was on it by following this link. The link is in french, the inscription in red reads "The website is down forever. The work of the artists who contributed to its good whereabouts are still available here". Just click on "télécharger toutes ses tracks" which means "download all his tracks". It's all free so go take a look !

Yes I know the cover for this album is small, but it's the only one available in the world !

Sad to see a website dedicated to free music closing like that, that makes me want to keep mine going for as long as possible, that is, until the sun engulfs the Earth in a rain of flames and radiations.

mercredi 18 mars 2015

Somnium - Rocket Science

I know the Goa/Psytrance section has not received the love it deserves these times around. But it is just a phase. In fact I discovered that the best Psytrance albums are the shortest ones of three to five tracks, because there the artist lets it all out, without any "additional" track, so that you want more and more.

(Well made) compilations work too. I think a psytrance producer comes at the peak of his/her art when he/she has a particular recognisable style and starts walking away from the basic tagada with weird noises to get closer to the earthly vortex of goa-energy to find their inspiration.

Well Somnium got close enough, and gives us four tracks of uplifting shifty psytrance, going from techtrance to morning full-on with twists of... ragtime ? Yes he does.

The secret to enjoying psytrance : alternate between different artists.

And while you're at it, why not go check the lovingly constantly updated psytrance playlist ?

mercredi 11 mars 2015

Syndrome - Colourful Cows

Colourful Cows is an album you listen to like a violent story full of strong feelings, powerful riffs, strange samples and killer robot-judges. Close to Dream Theater for the progressive side, and not far from Muse for the pianosynthesization, Syndrome is a very young band of musicians giving their own touch of original progressive metal. Their first album is the first in a story they're telling about modern society, more to come around.

Never hesitate to give a little bit to young bands to help them get confidence and struggle less with financial problems. This enables them to focus on their music and to make you feel like rich sponsor.

mercredi 4 mars 2015

Kalya Scintilla - Dance of The Spiral Never Ending

I suggest we embark on a space vessel to make a dark, strange and distorted journey to a world vibrating around a spiral that never ends with the spiritual pulse of celestial beings, scouring the skies, defying imagination, at the heart of Kalya Scintilla's music.

Produced by Merkaba Music (a label that produces a lot of other nice music, by the way), Dance of The Spiral Never Ending  is the hypnotic sojourn of a soul revealing itself between two beats of electronic shamanic drums, a perfect example of what happens when you take "psy" and "step" and ask them to kiss.

This is the 200th article on La Mojoteque ! Time to celebrate right ? The catalog is becoming thicker and thicker. I'm thinking about learning how to make a real website, on a real server, with real server issues and a more clear and user-friendly system. I'm thinking about continuing to share as much as I can all the most incredible albums of planet Earth and other dimensional plans (of course).

If you like to come here to hear weird, cool, beautiful, strange, sublime, disturbing or inspiring music, do not hesitate to share, invite your friends to like the page, to share the blog, the albums. I don't like to remind it, but you are also the conduit through which the craftsmen of free music can continue their art. I do not get one dollar out of it, I do it for fun, and because of my passion for music, and I will continue to do it, at least until the big crunch takes my computer away...

mercredi 25 février 2015

HIGH&DRYs - Lowest Fidelity Demos

Feels like a small psych-rock gig, in a small room with dim lights, a smell of coffee, beer and scratched guitar chords in the air... Lowest Fidelity Demos is a dozen tracks of scratchy lo-fi psych-rock, with ghostly voices losing themselves in outer space, echoing riffs, and a sound that feels like raw wood.

Lo-fi is the opposite of hi-fi and a recording technique all in one. There are people who like listening to their music with the utmost sound quality with super power lord bass booster detecter automatic channel tracking (and I do too), and then there are other, strange people who prefer when the sound coughs and scratches a little, who record their music with old tools and instruments to be able to feel what seems to be impressions from another time, lost to some, ever living to others.

Au moins ça sera plus facile à écouter en live. Allez je vous laisse, il pleut.

mercredi 18 février 2015

Androcell - Imbue

I don't think I have already mentioned Androcell's name on the Mojoblog before, and that is a wrong I'm about to correct. I guess that is because his music has begun being free-priced not so long ago. And I might as well start at the end with Imbue, his fourth and latest album. The other three are really worth a listen I can assure you.

Androcell takes us across the doors of perception, amidst strange valleys covered with divine monoliths, illuminated by an unknown sun through the dimensions, to a circus where neurons show unexpected dance talents, until a sacred encounter with the root of life. No, I did not take anything special, it's just the effect of this music, I swear.

mercredi 11 février 2015

Neon - Transgressive

A little stroll through Ektoplazm's corridors is a good opportunity to learn more about trance, to read for the first time words like "psygressive", "forest-trance" or (more weird and exotic) "suomi-trance". Here is what I would call a good example of progressive deep-trance. Deep because Neon uses deep repetitive beats that hold the music like caterpillar tracks hold their tanks, and progressive not only because the music take its time to develop, but also because it never escalates to a big brutal "drop the bass". Some people like it, some people don't, I do like it.

Download this little thing on Ektoplazm by following this link.

mercredi 4 février 2015

101 - You Are What You Become

This excellent album seems to be coming from the past, say the 80's, with distorted synths, nervous beats that hit the spot, and an overall atmosphere of a tramway going out of tracks into space to split the moon into two perfect pieces.

This kind of music is called Braindance, because it makes the brain tap its feet.

Yes the Bandcamp link is not free, as usual with CT Records you have to go on their website directly and click on the "free download with" link.