mercredi 7 janvier 2015

Prog Sphere Promotions (VA) - Progstravaganza: Selections I

Avast you lovers of progressive rock, progressive metal, progressists, lovers of music that goes wild, of King Crimson, Riverside, Porcupine Tree, Tool and Emerson, Lake & Palmer. Here is something to satiate your needs well and for long.

Prog Sphere Promotion is a label from Serbia and as you may as well have understood already, they specialise in all kinds of music containing the letters "prog" in their names, a musical style that is relatively obscure and hard to grasp, going as well with rock than with metal, infusing itself with influences from jazz-fusion. It is a music that lingers (lots of tracks of more than ten minutes), that stretches itself with long master solos (guitar, drums, organ, synth, bass...) lyrics ranging from melancholy to romantism on the verge of lyric poetry.

But it is also a music that is completely crazy, absolutely not neutral, as you may already understand listening to track 2 (my favourite). I'm saying this for the people using La Mojo to put some music during parties, this won't work with this compilation, unless all your friends are unconditional lovers of progressive music.

I'll leave you to your listening now, and let us hope that 2015 will be a really good year, that will see real change in the system, but that will give birth to a LOT of good free music, always as good and powerful as it was before. Strength and honor.

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