mercredi 31 décembre 2014

Cosmic Replicant - Soul of The Universe

From the start you will know what happens. Psybient it will be, and not Psydub. For certain people the distinction between the two is hard to grasp, that is why I grouped these very different styles together, also with the pragmatical view that they both begin with "psy" as do all my favourite musical genres. Still, they are very much not the same in their essence and in what they radiate.

Cosmic Replicant's music is soothing, makes the heart and soul vibrate in harmony, and not only thanks to his subaqueous basslines. Some weird sentences are given here or there, making us recall our place in the universe : small particles of dust whirling in the infinite.

I discovered Cosmic Replicant with his EP Supersensitive that I've also used on one of my mixes, and that is available for free on Ektoplazm.

Come on, it's time to sit down for a while and think about how to save energy by putting some clothes on the house. Happy new year to all of you.

Woops, sorry, totally forgot to put in the download link ! My bad... here it is : download Soul of The Universe by Cosmic Replicant

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