mercredi 3 décembre 2014

VA - Nibbana

Goa is like chocolate, the more you have, the more you want. Like so many times it is a pack of tracks from various artists, nicely compiled by DJ Tude, celebrating his ten years of being a DJ and presenting his new project, Cosmic Racer (track 5). From the start, track one gives away the general atmosphere. I know, it is not goa at all, it is psytrance, because if goa goes tzingiwingzschw, psytrance goes tagada, and yes, even if I have made the unforgivable blasphemy of grouping the two of them under the tag Goa/Psytrance, they are in fact very different. I am a horrible person, but thus the site is easier to read.

As usual also, I cannot really say that every single track in this compilation is pure delight, genius expressed into sound, but there are enough pulsatronic supersonic tracks to please everyone's ears, I think, I know.

Click on this link to download the album on Ektoplazm (thank you Ektoplazm).

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