mercredi 29 janvier 2014

Funky Notes - The Invitation EP

January is almost over. I hope you're all having a great time in 2014. I'm still in 2013, writing to you from the past, and I do hope everything bodes well for me too. I have a lot of projects in mind and several of them include something that is completely free.
This EP is an invitation indeed, to relax or to take a walk in the city, watching people do what they do or just chill out in a warm place. Funky Notes told me to keep sharing the love, and that's what I intend to do. Hey next time you see a poor dude in the streets, buy him a warm cup of tea for me will you ? Or a sound system and this EP to ease the strain of everyday life.

Much obliged to anyone sharing the blog to his or her friends.

samedi 25 janvier 2014

On The Water - False Starts

Seems to me like On The Water is the meeting of folk music and pirate songs. The mysterious term "Oddball Folk" may explain it all but I do not understand fully yet. Still, it's really good almost unplugged music for those who sail in grassy lands and their aqueous brothers.

Buffaloes in the sky yes that seems likely to happen here.

mercredi 22 janvier 2014

Morbo y Mambo - Morbo y Mambo

I posted this album a while back, it was one of the first on La Mojoteque. But I did not understand it fully at the time so I deleted it because I was a lord of the cakes. Now I have listened to it again and there is really a special sound to be found in there, something close to funk, rock, and psychedelic rock, with brass instruments, so there is a little bit of everything, all at once. On their site, Morbo y Mambo say that their music is "No Rock No Stoner No Dub No Afrofunk. Todo Junto"

Well I guess it is !

samedi 18 janvier 2014

One Waka - South Bay Sessions

Sweet Reggae vibrations from Christchurch, New Zealand. Usually I don't like Reggae, but I could listen to this one for hours, but as I am myself a horrible fascist forbiding anyone to listen to the same music publicly on and on I won't, but I could if I had not so much principles ruling my miserable mortal life. but but but.

mercredi 15 janvier 2014

Dust Storm Warning - Dust Storm Warning

Ok guys I'm taking back what I said about how it's hard to find good free non-electronic music on the web. It's not so hard really, but you got to be bold and daring, sorry if anyone was discouraged by what I said earlier.

Here is a good pack of Stoner Rock with a metallic side, to eat in the desert with dirty hands and a face like a worn-out road map. This album came out on Acid Cosmonauts Records, of which we'll talk more later, yes we will, when we have spoken to themses yes we will...

samedi 11 janvier 2014

Dainumo, Jeesh, P.SUS, Pogo - Far Far Away

Electronic chillout inspired by the Star Wars universe, using music and voice samples from the movies. At first I thought it was a free album by Pogo, the one artist I knew about that does that kind of music, but in fact he made "only" one of the tracks here (he made some excellent tracks you should check out). A pretty nice collection of tracks though, and a beautiful tribute to say the least...

mercredi 8 janvier 2014

Electrocado - The Hass Effect

The first Glitch album I ever listened to. At the time my brain was just trying to understand what it was all about, but I guess this magic frog feeling the nuclear Hass effect through the catalyst avocado should explain it all to you. A mix of a lot of very strange experiments on existing (or soon to be invented) music styles, this album feels to me like a musical schizoid crisis.

Download it on Ektoplazm for free.

Or give a little something.

samedi 4 janvier 2014

Esbe - Late Night Headphones Vol. 3

Elegant chill music, reminiscing of the good old days of Nujabes and Hydeout Productions (track 11 is a tribute to this japanese artist). Exactly the music you'd listen to late at night, with headphones, not to wake your kitty cat.

mercredi 1 janvier 2014

Reflection - Exit Time

Happy new year ! Hopefully it will be happy, hope so. 2013 was good, the world did not end. That's something isn't it ? Personally it was a year full of great events and discoveries about myself and others. 2014 will be great or won't be at all !

Now, I know some of you might still be recovering from last night, so I won't put something too hard, this is a kind of dark murky psybient or deep trance dipped in space acid, take your pick. Not many tracks, but they are quite long enough.

Hope you have a good year full of discoveries, I will stay here and share mine, you can always visit and bring your friends. I won't stop unless my blog is destroyed by a music hater cyber-terrorist or if I die, but that won't happen before a long time, I hope.

I should stop talking before irony takes the best of me.