mercredi 29 juillet 2015

The BenchWarmers Clique - The Ugly

This unbearable cover bears well its name. I guess the Benchwarmers do not lack humor at all. And their music is in fact far from ugly, more like old-school hip-hop sprinkled with old tv shows extracts and epic sentences from the sixth dimension. Moving, grooving, booming.

Relax, it's only hip-hop.

mercredi 22 juillet 2015

Auditive Escape - Auditive Escape

Have you ever thought of a particular artist whose work, whose every single piece you always really like, without any exception, a painter whose paintings you cannot stop looking at, a band whose music you never tire to listen to ?

Well I'm having this kind of issue with Auditive Escape's music. Actually I think I'm going to put all his discography on the blog. It will be the case one day, because each of his albums is such a pure concentrate of dreamy chillcore vibrating through moved air molecules. That is what you can find in the first eponymous album by Auditive Escape, to which I had never listened until today, shame on me. Do not hesitate to take a listen at his other pieces, but in any case, they will end here eventually.

Good listening to you all

Peace and lord.

mercredi 15 juillet 2015

Civilian Sol - When Tomorrow Comes

Now here's a curious mix laid here by Civilian Sol, a hybrid of glitch-hop, soul and funk. The latest technology playing rock paper scissors with its grand-grand-grandmother, translated into music.

Alternating between relaxing tunes and pulsing bass and catchy rhythms, mixing musical genres that you wouldn't have believed was possible, released at the trustworthy Gravitas Records, When Tomorrow Comes, gives a storm of sonorities that will either please or offend everyone in an enjoyable way.

Doing it right again folks !

mercredi 8 juillet 2015

Across Tundras - Electric Relics

Across Tundras hails from Nashville, Tennessee, cradle of the boogie and country music. You can feel subtle influences of these genres on their music, which is more out of the psychedelic rock world, with sometimes a very enjoyable heaviness.

There's a bit of Black Sabbath, a bit of je ne sais quoi, but above all their own proper style, which creates images such as a long road under the burning sun, clouds of dust, tumbleweeds rolling and tumbling, a smell of rolled cigarettes and spilled whiskey glasses, minus the glass shards.

My sincere salutations,

Your much obliged host.

mercredi 1 juillet 2015

J. Vibes - Late Night Soul

Let's start this sweet month of July with an album that is short but sizeable. With a simple but effective chill sound. I hope it's as sunny as I'd hoped. Well, right now there is a storm outside, and listening to this music in the mean time is just perfect.

J. Vibes produces a music influenced by jazz, hip-hop and soul, a very nice discovery I've made in a place I rarely go to, Bandcamp's homepage, you never know...

This album has been released on the Expansions Collective label from the UK. Another good name to remember. Free music never ends.