mercredi 22 juillet 2015

Auditive Escape - Auditive Escape

Have you ever thought of a particular artist whose work, whose every single piece you always really like, without any exception, a painter whose paintings you cannot stop looking at, a band whose music you never tire to listen to ?

Well I'm having this kind of issue with Auditive Escape's music. Actually I think I'm going to put all his discography on the blog. It will be the case one day, because each of his albums is such a pure concentrate of dreamy chillcore vibrating through moved air molecules. That is what you can find in the first eponymous album by Auditive Escape, to which I had never listened until today, shame on me. Do not hesitate to take a listen at his other pieces, but in any case, they will end here eventually.

Good listening to you all

Peace and lord.

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