samedi 22 février 2014

Mute Speaker - Post Block

I wanted to share this album with you, then I realised it wasn't free anymore, then I asked Mute Speaker about it and he put it back on name your price download.

This is quite the excellent release, packed with experimental hip-hop, electronic probes cast into the depths of musical space, and still this question mark that gets all its sense with this kind of sound. Well okay I think track 6 is a little to modern pop r'n'b oriented but the rest is really worth anything you can give.

By the way I want to take a few minutes to tell you about donations. I know this word can be scary and that it seems that everybody always wants a little bit of your hard-earned money, but it shouldn't be that way.

Donations on Bandcamp help free music stay free. Getting a Paypal account seems like a pain in the @$%! but it is really very easy and fast, and then, you can really show your appreciation and support directly to all the artists of the independent music world. You can become a part of it all and make a difference in the free-music world. You don't have to give a lot, but know that each penny you give also goes to increase the number of free-priced download possible for each release (and I didn't know that, Mute Speaker just told me).

Do not give up giving.

mercredi 19 février 2014

Lucky One - IIMXI

Strange and experimental music, taking bits and pieces from every style and putting it together, Lucky One creates one amazing piece of work. Sometimes fast energic and even aggressive, sometimes slow, beautiful and dreamy, you never know what you're going to find. This one album reflects his creative mood of the year 2011, a long long time ago, when everything was so different.

samedi 15 février 2014

Textural Being - Stories

You know what happens when you and your friends party for three days straight without sleeping ? Well, in the end everyone has to get at least some sleep. But isn't this even more tiring that, even at this point, some people keep putting those weird substances in their bodies to keep partying ? Even though there is no beer left, no pizza, no girls to hit on ?

If this party was organised by you and took place at your place, then knowing that strange persons might be still alive in your house while you sleep can be very stressful. Fortunately, Textural Being, hailing from Cold Tear Records, devised a solution for you, and that is "Stories", the latest release from Cold Tear, purveyors of Chillcore since I don't know when.

Here is what you have to do. When you begin to feel tired, when too much alcohol has made its way into your stomach, when you don't want to listen to after-party hardcore anymore and when you want to go to sleep while keeping control of your precious belongings, play "Stories", then hide whatever device is playing it, and wait for the troublemakers to fall in a profound and dream-filled sleep. I don't really know how better I could have described this release. Relaxing is the keyword here.

The Bandcamp link is just so you can listen to a preview, but to get this album for free, you should go to this page.

samedi 8 février 2014

Vapor Eyes - Golden Beats Volume #1

The artist's description fits so finely with the trippy chilly tunes on this collection of tracks that I will let him speak for himself this time :

"Contained within [Golden Beats Vol. 1] is a collection of instrumental beats I put together over the course of the last year that I produced and recorded in my spare bedroom with my cats by my side as the moon hung low in the sky. Inspired by both the greats of the current beat generation as well as the dedication and community of the local production/DJ scene, I have put my own spice into the master recipe of this exciting time. I’m a purist at heart, drawing mainly from unique sample sources and using hardware to create my own unique vibe and sound within today’s beat scene infrastructure. Within the music you’ll find a hip-hop heart that pumps blood into the arteries of downtempo, trip-hop and psychedelic territories. This is music that reflects the moods and states one might have when they just arise from a slumber, music that is meant to alter thought patterns and consciousness with or without the aid of chemicals, music that was designed to help you just max out and encounter yourself within an introspective dialogue".

Well now, you just have to listen a bit to understand all this. No need to stall it further, right ?

mercredi 5 février 2014

Various Artists - Gem Drops

Haven't slept one bit tonight, too many things in mind, whirling bits of thought and dark matter crawling over my brain.

I needed experimental hip-hop ambient onirique chill to get better, and found just what I was looking for in this compilation. 21 tracks, name your price, all profits go to cancer research. Faith in humanity restored eh ? Thanks to Raphzor for this discovery.

All this music is brought to you by Dropping Gems. A label specialised in dreamy soundscapes and strange sonic experiments.

samedi 1 février 2014

Cosmic Core - Volume I

I do not want to say anything useless, so I'll just let the ones who know this compilation best talk : "Cosmic Core is a fresh, double CD album-worth of original electronic music given to you for free download. The album moves effortlessly from Psy though to Acidhouse, Dubstep and melodic, organic Electronica and showcases the power of the latest music technology through these otherworldly soundscapes, straight from the furthest regions of the musical cosmos and direct to your synapses".

Anything you want really. There are a lot of styles represented here. If you don't like one of the tracks, just try another one. They're as different as fries and peas.

My personal favourite : HousePaint by Somerville & Wilson