samedi 15 février 2014

Textural Being - Stories

You know what happens when you and your friends party for three days straight without sleeping ? Well, in the end everyone has to get at least some sleep. But isn't this even more tiring that, even at this point, some people keep putting those weird substances in their bodies to keep partying ? Even though there is no beer left, no pizza, no girls to hit on ?

If this party was organised by you and took place at your place, then knowing that strange persons might be still alive in your house while you sleep can be very stressful. Fortunately, Textural Being, hailing from Cold Tear Records, devised a solution for you, and that is "Stories", the latest release from Cold Tear, purveyors of Chillcore since I don't know when.

Here is what you have to do. When you begin to feel tired, when too much alcohol has made its way into your stomach, when you don't want to listen to after-party hardcore anymore and when you want to go to sleep while keeping control of your precious belongings, play "Stories", then hide whatever device is playing it, and wait for the troublemakers to fall in a profound and dream-filled sleep. I don't really know how better I could have described this release. Relaxing is the keyword here.

The Bandcamp link is just so you can listen to a preview, but to get this album for free, you should go to this page.

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