samedi 8 février 2014

Vapor Eyes - Golden Beats Volume #1

The artist's description fits so finely with the trippy chilly tunes on this collection of tracks that I will let him speak for himself this time :

"Contained within [Golden Beats Vol. 1] is a collection of instrumental beats I put together over the course of the last year that I produced and recorded in my spare bedroom with my cats by my side as the moon hung low in the sky. Inspired by both the greats of the current beat generation as well as the dedication and community of the local production/DJ scene, I have put my own spice into the master recipe of this exciting time. I’m a purist at heart, drawing mainly from unique sample sources and using hardware to create my own unique vibe and sound within today’s beat scene infrastructure. Within the music you’ll find a hip-hop heart that pumps blood into the arteries of downtempo, trip-hop and psychedelic territories. This is music that reflects the moods and states one might have when they just arise from a slumber, music that is meant to alter thought patterns and consciousness with or without the aid of chemicals, music that was designed to help you just max out and encounter yourself within an introspective dialogue".

Well now, you just have to listen a bit to understand all this. No need to stall it further, right ?

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