samedi 22 février 2014

Mute Speaker - Post Block

I wanted to share this album with you, then I realised it wasn't free anymore, then I asked Mute Speaker about it and he put it back on name your price download.

This is quite the excellent release, packed with experimental hip-hop, electronic probes cast into the depths of musical space, and still this question mark that gets all its sense with this kind of sound. Well okay I think track 6 is a little to modern pop r'n'b oriented but the rest is really worth anything you can give.

By the way I want to take a few minutes to tell you about donations. I know this word can be scary and that it seems that everybody always wants a little bit of your hard-earned money, but it shouldn't be that way.

Donations on Bandcamp help free music stay free. Getting a Paypal account seems like a pain in the @$%! but it is really very easy and fast, and then, you can really show your appreciation and support directly to all the artists of the independent music world. You can become a part of it all and make a difference in the free-music world. You don't have to give a lot, but know that each penny you give also goes to increase the number of free-priced download possible for each release (and I didn't know that, Mute Speaker just told me).

Do not give up giving.

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