vendredi 31 août 2012

State Azure - Outlines

A release between psybient and electrochill (the difference is subtle but recognisable through the tracks). Made to observe the stars on a warm summer night or to watch snowflakes falling slowly in winter... in fact it can go along with pretty much anything. Beautiful and relaxing.

jeudi 23 août 2012

Ikaros Matsoukas - The Deep Techno Blog

I met Deep Techno at Boom Festival 2010 and we fell VERY deeply in love with each other. Until then I had no idea such Chillcore could be made by frail human hands and mere machines.

As soon as I went back home I searched for some quality sound that could be a match against what I had heard in Portugal, and the first thing I found what this blog : full-length freely downloadable deep-tech mixes with tracklists. Although it was not updated since 2010, it still contains very good free music. Feel free to browse his blog. My favourite remains "Below Surface", it feels like partying in the belly of a whale.

The Deep Techno Blog

I'm still hoping for an update in the months to come.

lundi 20 août 2012

Ochre - Early Learning

The french word "onirique" means "that which creates dreams". There is no other word to describe this release. Ochre, aka Christopher Leary speaks of "aural melancholia", see for yourself, and feel free to give a little something to this incredible artist.

Thanks Raphzor for this discovery.

Hypnoxock - Oddities

To begin on a positive note, a completely free release found on the great Ektoplazm netlabel, "Oddities" from Hypnoxock, a Spanish duo formed by Victor Solsona and Pedro Quijada. Incredible psychedelic trance at its best. Made for space travel.