mercredi 26 avril 2017

State Azure - Phantoms

A seed of light turning the web into a firefly-filled dream, during eleven beautiful tracks, showing that psybient does not always mingle with psydub, sometimes it stays on its own, brilliantly.

State Azure is true to his unique style, take us on a nostalgic trip, juggling with lofty and dreamy atmospheres, building palaces in the clouds, where we end up, tiptoeing amid columns of vapour, to sit quietly and enjoy a bit of music.

Still self-published, still free-priced, and still British. An excellent album that is not reserved to eagle-headed connoisseurs.

See you again soon, best regards.

mercredi 19 avril 2017

w a l l a C - s u r d o

w a l l a C is a producer from Rio de Janeiro, now resident in Melbourne, drawing from multiple influences, from funk, reggae, dub, brasilian music and from the weirdest nooks and crannies of the realm of suprachill.

On the whole he gives an interesting chilly blend that is pretty hard to define. I'll let you be the judges of that.

This album is out on Dub Temple Records, which features not only, but lots of free-priced releases you ought to check out.

See you soon.

mercredi 12 avril 2017

Zebbler Encanti Experience - ReFreak

It has been a really long time since there was some Glitch music up in this... place. So I wanted to introduce a remix album of a team of artists I've discovered pretty recently on Gravitas Recordings.

The first track will keep you taped to the rest until the end. Bumpy road ahead, you will know when it begins but never when it ends. Well, some tracks even end abruptly, leaving you stranded, and some I like a bit less than others. But on the whole, in theres is a bunch of excellent tracks to add to your all-time favourites. Funky delicious grapes of groovy glitch music.

This album is made of remixes of 'Freakquency', another from ZEE that... well why not listen to the original while it's standing right over there ?

See you round.

mercredi 5 avril 2017

Narcose - Panda Eyes

Taking its roots at the threshold between Swamp and Psybient and sprinkled with dubby dust, Panda Eyes is what you need to give back their psychedelic side to places wronged when called sinister. Between a marsh buzzing with fireflies and a mystical crystal fountain.

I am currently reading the classic Lord of the Rings and played this music while the book describes the climbing of a high, dark and never-ending stair, flanked by chasms at the bottom of which you can see a corrupted and dead city, encircled by weird flowers and prickly mountain bushes.

I hope nobody is going to mistake the fact that I deemed it very à-propos for such a scene...

And I say this to you: whenever you get the chance to find a free(-priced) album at Mystic Sound Records, you can buy with your eyes closed, there's a 99.99% chance it's going to be excellent.

Also, you'll appreciate the music better with your eyes closed, of course.

Well, see you next time !