mercredi 24 avril 2013

Lost Twin - Twin Talk

Lost Twin's new album is out, and it really lives up to the quality of its predecessor. It contains all you need for a bipolar weird abstract wednesday : broken rhythms, strange melodies, samples coming from outer-space... And apart from being very good, it is also free-priced, a feature that does touch my mortal soul.

It really feels like a trip to the heart-warming coldness of space, discovering yet unknown galaxies, witnessing parties on Pluto like you've never dreamed you would see, meeting strange alien races who have abandoned speech for direct psychic connection... With, of course, laser firing pyramids.

Enjoy, see you next week !

mercredi 17 avril 2013

Mindex - The Neverland

Let us take a little trip in Mindex's imagination, and see for ourselves what mysteries lie there. His album's cover, its colorfulness and curvy shapes can guide us on the path to intense chill music. Take a deep breath and press play.

This is the kind of music I need right now, it helps keeping things together inside, and is kind of an appeasing balm for an aching brain.

I would suggest this album to just anyone, it goes with every mood and weather. And contains an interesting sample of what could be called "psychedelic somewhat chilly drum&bass".

Download it for free on Ektoplazm by following this link.

See you next week for more music.

mercredi 10 avril 2013

Eyo & Anonyme - Mainīt EP

Eyo & Anonyme are the first artists to really share their music directly with me, via my Facebook page. I think this is a great opportunity to discover new talents and still discreet gifted musicians.

Through this EP they give chilly vibes, beautiful folkish vocals and dreamy atmospheres.

I hope more artists are going to share quality music with me, there's always a chance I post it on the blog !

mercredi 3 avril 2013

Soulsonic - Complex

A good electronic release for a good wednesday. Soulsonic delivers a pulsatronic laserification, a very dense music full of details, sometimes immersing deep into ambient slow melodies ; sometimes getting really on the aggressive side of Electro with saturated beats. This is an ideal music for the freeway at night, when your car gets itself progressively packed with weird people. Some of them you don't even know, but you'll get to it in due time. Have faith.

Get the release for free on Cold Tear Records' website.