mercredi 18 mars 2015

Somnium - Rocket Science

I know the Goa/Psytrance section has not received the love it deserves these times around. But it is just a phase. In fact I discovered that the best Psytrance albums are the shortest ones of three to five tracks, because there the artist lets it all out, without any "additional" track, so that you want more and more.

(Well made) compilations work too. I think a psytrance producer comes at the peak of his/her art when he/she has a particular recognisable style and starts walking away from the basic tagada with weird noises to get closer to the earthly vortex of goa-energy to find their inspiration.

Well Somnium got close enough, and gives us four tracks of uplifting shifty psytrance, going from techtrance to morning full-on with twists of... ragtime ? Yes he does.

The secret to enjoying psytrance : alternate between different artists.

And while you're at it, why not go check the lovingly constantly updated psytrance playlist ?

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