mercredi 25 mars 2015

Spintronic - Llamas Love Gameboy Too

I'm sharing a very old find today, one I found during my ultra8bit phase way before La Mojoteque ever became an idea. I did not even know his music was free, it was in some sort of chiptune music collection that I downloaded. Groovy bouncy moving 8bit sound made with an old device, LSDJ that would enable you to produce music directly with your Game Boy, good old days.

Spintronic is not producing any more music for the moment, but I guess there is always the time for a comeback. It would be great to hear more of his style that is particularly bouncy, I guess that is the word that describes it best. The website on which his music was shared, Chiptunes Headbangers, is currently down and will probably stay like that, but it is still possible to get all the music there was on it by following this link. The link is in french, the inscription in red reads "The website is down forever. The work of the artists who contributed to its good whereabouts are still available here". Just click on "télécharger toutes ses tracks" which means "download all his tracks". It's all free so go take a look !

Yes I know the cover for this album is small, but it's the only one available in the world !

Sad to see a website dedicated to free music closing like that, that makes me want to keep mine going for as long as possible, that is, until the sun engulfs the Earth in a rain of flames and radiations.

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