mercredi 4 novembre 2015

Lemon Future - Tin Man

On the Keats Collective netlabel, you can find a bit of everything. And sometimes things so unusual that you don't even know how to tag them to be sure people can find them or know what you mean, well... you know what I mean.

Future Lemon's Tin Man is going in all directions. It will soothe some people, some other will dance, other will just, you know, chill. Prickly beats, synth waves standing between the sublime and the kitsch, it reminds me of a distant past when I used to listen only that kind of music, when I was a little cake.

Be sure to give it two or three chances. At first I wasn't really convinced that it was that good, but now that I've listened to the whole release three or four times, I love it.

Believe, I do.

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