samedi 5 septembre 2015

Electrocado - Scribble

Electrocado is one of the very first great names I've discovered when I began my never-ending quest for free music. Now, after a brief pause of about three years, Mr Bill and Ryanosaurus, great masters of glitch, psytrance and minced beats, return with Scribble, an album so good that I just cannot wait until next wednesday to post an article about it.

Scribble, I think, will pique the curiosity and pineal glands of all those who love electronic music on this planet, because there are so many genres that are present and accounted for (sir !), ranging from glitch-hop and psytrance to technoïd beats, all of it processed through a giant blender to create a true musical guacamole, which renders this album impossible to classify, for the best.

So yeah, Electro because it's elecrifying, Glitch because it's mostly glitchy in the atmosphere, and Groove because it's totally groovy.

You'll see, let yourself go.

And now, le kiss goodbye.

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