mercredi 30 septembre 2015

Minimal Boffin - Averment

Let us end this poor and hated month of september with a bit of what gave its name to La Mojoteque, Mojo-Tech. Picture yourself on a beautiful beach, being grilled by the sun like a thrice-peppered soy-sausage, facing a lake which acts as a mirror for the sky on fire. Calm and relaxed, surrounded by enormous loudpseakers with a bass sound of sismic scale, you listen to Minimal Boffin.

There's an album that will please all the dub-tech and deep-tech lovers, the kind of music that resonates gently in the soul and makes you dance to the rhythm of the slow heartbeat of a giant with sand in your shoes (but not too much) and sun, lots and lots of sun ! Thanks to Cold Tear Records for the quality of every beat of music they release

You can buy the album on Bandcamp in mp3 or lossless format, or you can download it for free via Cold Tear's website. Good listening !

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