mercredi 16 septembre 2015

Kill Emil - Lights & Shadows

I learnt Kill Emil's existence thanks to Cédric, who's been following La Mojoteque for a while now. Yeah, thank you man for making my hard drive and brain yet again overflow with excellent music !

Kill Emil comes from Greece. A sign that even the worst of crises and political fuss cannot kill art, free art, art for art ! They can throw missiles, arm soldiers, destroy the meaning and value of money, art will rise above again and again !

Situated between a groovy swingy electrochill and the most "street music by night" urban chill you can find, Kill Emil succeeds in not going too far in those two styles and creating his own, which you're about to discover (if you didn't already).

I'll leave you now to listen to Lights & Shadows, a terrific album from the far away time of 2014...

And remember, one part rice, two parts water.

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