mercredi 25 février 2015

HIGH&DRYs - Lowest Fidelity Demos

Feels like a small psych-rock gig, in a small room with dim lights, a smell of coffee, beer and scratched guitar chords in the air... Lowest Fidelity Demos is a dozen tracks of scratchy lo-fi psych-rock, with ghostly voices losing themselves in outer space, echoing riffs, and a sound that feels like raw wood.

Lo-fi is the opposite of hi-fi and a recording technique all in one. There are people who like listening to their music with the utmost sound quality with super power lord bass booster detecter automatic channel tracking (and I do too), and then there are other, strange people who prefer when the sound coughs and scratches a little, who record their music with old tools and instruments to be able to feel what seems to be impressions from another time, lost to some, ever living to others.

Au moins ça sera plus facile à écouter en live. Allez je vous laisse, il pleut.

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