mercredi 23 décembre 2015

Vejopatis - Anafielas

Winter is here, and bizarrely with it, the need to chill.

Either you roll yourself in the snow (if you have some, which I guess I don't) or you listen to a good album... And what luck ! I might just have the kind of album chilly people would like ! A treat from Cold Tear Records, a netlabel that wants all that's good for you. Dubby rhythms, slow moving basslines and dreamy synths, all playing together to relax your nerves and allow the brain to rest a bit, not thinking about anything but the snowy peaks, yetis playing cards and other stuff like that...

Get the album by following this link and click on download from if you want the mp3 for free, or buy it on Bandcamp to get the lossless format.

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