mercredi 16 décembre 2015

B.B. and The Underground Kingz - The Trill is Gone

Through the "Collaborations that never were" project, the producer Amerigo Gazaway create opportunities for living artists to work together with passed away legends of music. The alive meets the dead, the grandchildren play with the grandparents. I already loved and spoke about Fela Soul, the album blending the music of De La Soul and Fela Kuti, and the dyptich The Departure (currently unavailable because of rights issues) and The Return, featuring the sound of Mos Def and Marvin Gaye.

Here is something new, the merging of two musical genres I'd never thought I'd see getting along together so well : blues and hip-hop. Specifically, the music of B.B. King and his legendary guitar Lucille; and The Underground Kingz, Texas rap stars. Here and there you'll find feats from Eric Clapton, Outkast or Ludacris, the whole in a very relaxed bluesy while upbeat atmosphere.

As always available as completely free downloads, the albums produced by Amerigo Gazaway are really worth opening one or two ears wide to listen closely to what they have to offer.

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