samedi 28 septembre 2013

Erothyme - Empathic Circuitry

I was already used to Erothyme's creativity and capacity to make machines talk in such a way that human cells cannot stay indifferent to their tales, but this time he decided to band with some talented friends to change from his usual glitchy energised rhythm. As he says himself : "These are love songs; they are messy and beautiful. As such, they are not so different from you and I" So, this time we do not find ourselves piloting a rebel spaceship searching for the fleeting heart of the universe, pouring through each and every pore of the dark matter, but in a cosmic cradle engraved with vegetal interlaced forms. Yesterday I put this album and lied down on the couch (what does that mean ?) to dream a bit. The effect, I can assure you, was immediate, and I knew I had to share this amazing set of songs to all of you. Blending electro, funk, glitch and chill, Empathic Circuitry is one of the greatest albums I ever had to listen to. I encourage every person with a beating heart and working pairs of lungs and ears to listen to it and to give a little something to the artist to show their appreciation of the free culture and of its gifts to ours.

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