samedi 21 septembre 2013

My mixes

I always wanted to enter the world of music in any way, but I did not know where to begin. I had met this guy in Berlin who said to me "DJing is easy, you just need to listen to lots and lots of music, then the rest will appear clearly before you", That's what I would also say to any would-be DJ, it is quite easy when you begin to possess a large stock of music to mix together. I create mixes with the free music that anyone can find on this blog to have another means of sharing it. I hope it works well, there are two mixes already : Arctique that would fit in the Chill Onirique Sections perfectly, and Laboratoire Intraplanaire that is mostly psybient, psytech and deep-trance. I use french names because everybody in the world is using english ones. hope you enjoy what you hear, and of course each time there is a tracklist and all the links you need to get the free tunes I used.

Here is the Link to my Mixcloud

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