dimanche 11 août 2013

Gravitas Recordings

"Gravitas Recordings is a record label and creative collective with the purpose of giving artists and performers a platform to share their work".

That is how they describe their label themselves. When you browse their catalog a little bit, you just have to believe it. Lots of free-priced releases, (yet) totally unknown artists making amazing music in a great variety of styles. Dubstep is particularly present, just so you know.

Quality music, for free. Yes my friend, it is beautiful. So never forget that if you like one of their records, if one of them radically changed to color of your brainwalls or made you tap your feet without control, feel also free to give a little something to these amazing people via the "pay what you want" downloads.

To get a feeling of what they can offer, listen to Somatoast, Jake Scarbrough, Skytree, The OriGinALz, other big free compilations of electronic music.

May the free spirit pat them all in the back !

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