mercredi 28 août 2013

Skytree & Friends - Treemixes V1

Every human being knows that dubstep is a word that can go along with difficult nights, screwed ears, violently vibrating bowels. That is because, more and more, people tend to use the word "dubstep" for what is in fact "brostep". This wrong usage makes it difficult to find good real free dubstep on the web.

But here completely by chance I came across this release from Skytree, full of his tracks remixed by great artists such as Pericles, Soulacybin, Erothyme, and a lot more. The large majority of the tracks here are good trippy dubstep, the others are full of chilly dubby vibes that you can rely on for your daily daydreaming.

19 tracks, completely free. All donations are transferred to Nature Conservancy, a non-profit environmental association.

Feel free, wipe your feet and enter.

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