mercredi 3 juillet 2013

Phone Booth Robbers - Falling Into One

Back to the roots of free music for me, Ektoplazm being the very first website giving access to real free music I ever heard of. I remember, it was a stunning discovery, one night (progressive psytrance in the background) someone told me "Ever heard of Ektoplazm ? blablabla free music etc ultimate genius and so on...", I answered "goodness wonderful mother of the cakes" in an English so clean I could hardly believe it.

It had been a while since I had rummaged through their releases, the albums I share here aren't done so in the order of their discovery. And then (I'm going on with my little story), I read that Phone Booth Robbers is influenced by acts such as Shpongle, Ott, Bluetech, Ozric Tentacles... and I immediately feel like this guy has some strong references.

He delivers a steady dose of psybient, very groovy and swirly, a little pinch of psydub here and there. A spatial atmosphere, something out of this world, made by a human spaceship commander. This music I'm sure will please the ears of every lover of Psybient from the intellectual purists and the self proclaimed specialists to the more sympathetic people that do not pose so much. Good listening then, download the album directly from Ektoplazm (where you can also listen to the entire release before you make your mind, I forgot to mention that). Get yourself lost in cosmic dreams, then find your way back, grab some more, and get lost again. I hope it is possible to use the phrase "get lost" in a agreeable way.

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