dimanche 30 juin 2013

Da ! Heard It Records

A strange name isn't it ? That's what I thought when Lorenzellinidemagnificiens recommended it to me, and I'm still asking myself what it means. I would like to know but... deep inside I know that then the magic would disappear.

Based in Paris, D!HI is a netlabel that carries on discovering new talents, artists, be them professionals or freelancers, original music (it is sometimes a little hard to get immersed, attention cloth-eared nincompoops), but more than everything else, they take a great step in the free culture. Just like on Ektoplazm, each album can be previewed and downloaded for free in .wav, .mp3 or .ogg.

You'll find a lot of D!HI, mostly 8-bit, weird electro, delirious experimentations, cover artworks that will scrape your eyeballs and tickle your brain substance. I already found some great releases, but, I must admit I have had trouble getting in their universe at first. Each label carries its own particular culture.

Go browse their artists and releases, and don't forget to stay curious !

If your curiosity leads you to fine discoveries, then consider donating to these guys, who after all make a great job making all this free music available to us.

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