dimanche 9 juin 2013

DJ Mentos - Abstract Reality

DJ Mentos' latest LP has everything you thought there would be inside, such as hip-hop beats, jazzy melodies, old-school rhythms and weird samples.
Completely different from Field of Vision, yet you can clearly recognise his particular style.

In fact, I could just pick up words from the presentation of the Dusted Wax Kingdom netlabel, on which Mentos choosed to be released. They deal in "intelligent chilled grooves", check, they "are looking for that oldschool sound from young golden years of samples based music", check...

But what am I rambling about again ? I can see you just cannot wait to press play, right ? You can stream the whole album by clicking on this link, or just go there and press the long-loved download button.

Have a nice day. And yes, this article comes a sunday, this is because it has been shared to me directly by the artist, thus it appears earlier than my other discoveries.

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